BT Coder System

bt coder system BT coder system is a new binary options signal software. The developer of the software is Sherman Choo. Sherman tells us that all traders have to do is take action to place the trade when it is sent without any analysis or extra requirements.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting the Binary Today community understand all the intricacies of this new software.

BT Coder System Review

The BT coder system works by providing audible signals in meta-trader 4. The software will indicate to traders whether the market is going to move up or down over the next hour. With this type of strategy you could use it for binary options and set hourly expires if you felt the software is providing enough return for you. Sherman claims there are plenty of opportunities every day and since it only takes a few minutes to check in place a trade that it doesn’t take much of the trader’s time.

As for results the BT coder system shows us 3 hours of trading at the end of December where he won 10 out of 11 trades. While Sherman tells us that they provide fully independently audited results there are no signs of this at all on the webpage. All we are shown is a short hourly period of trading that occurred a couple of months ago. This is hardly the type of results that leads me to believe that the software is strong. It also doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in the development team.

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At this point in time I am not willing to give my recommendation to the BT coder system. While some of the elements on the website seem impressive the overall outlook of this product is dragged down severely by the results being provided. This software costs $30 per month and I’m just not sure if you’ll be able to benefit from the signals at all. If you something you would like to add to this review please make your contributions below the article now. I appreciate you coming to binary today and hope that this article helped you make a decision in regards to the BT coder system.

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