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Trusted binary bot is a binary options software promising to make traders over $1600 in less than an hour. According to their website there are currently 19 positions still available from a total of 100. Like most binary options products, this is being promoted as a system that’s 100% free but it isn’t because you will have to register with a binary options broker and that costs money.

Today I’ll be reviewing this new trading system so that the binary today readers know if it’s worth their time and money.

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Trusted Binary Bot Review

The trusted binary bot webpage is very simple, there is a YouTube video and an email subscription form. At the top of the page it says that the system is seen on the London Stock Exchange, DowJones, Nasdaq and Forbes but this is not true. I’ve done some quick research and found that there is no reference to this binary bot anywhere in connection to these publications. The developer of the system is likely trying to make his software seem more reputable by doing so, but it’s not working. The webpage also uses buttons that claim the product is Norton secured and that the business is a BBB accredited business, but it’s not. So here we are on the website for less than 5 minutes and we’ve already found a couple of lies. This is not a good sign whatsoever.


This product is not mentioned anywhere in these publications.

Considering the developer of this product is being deceitful I don’t know how he can his product the trusted binary bot. I don’t know anyone who trusts the system. Regardless, the developer tells us that he put this software together with the 2 smartest people that he knows. One was a trader that decided to cash out of the game and enjoy a life of leisure on his yacht and the other is a computer programmer named Alfred. I’ve tried to research both of these people online but I’ve come up empty. It’s possible that this is just a story being fabricated by the developer and considering what I’ve seen from this developer so far, that’s where I’m leaning.

The promises being made by the trusted binary bot are exactly the same as the other binary options systems that hit the market. While the producer of this product wants us to believe that they are different from the other binary options products, they really aren’t. They promote their product using the exact same shady marketing methods and never show us the right amount of respect. I don’t believe that this software is trusted and I do not recommend it to any of the binary today readers. Let me know you think about the software by writing your comments under the article now.


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