Redox Trade review: A promising platform or disappointing scam?

Redox Trade is a binary options trading platform that provides online investment opportunities for people who are looking to profit from binary trading. Although they have not provided much details on their exact trading strategy, they claim to have the best plans for binary trading, especially for new investors and their platform is automated to a certain extent. According to the site, this company has been completing hundreds of successful trades every day, and you are unlikely to lose any money when investing in this site. With account options ranging from basic to starter, they provide various levels o account management and claim to simplify the process of binary trading. However, this is only one side of the story. There are many things that are lacking in this site that should be present in any legitimate trading site. In addition to this, many complaints from customers makes one think whether they really are proving the perks that they claim to offer. Before you think of investing in the Redox Trade site, you should read this review and then decide for yourself whether they are really providing the services that they claim to offer.

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John Kane

Redox Trade started operations only recently in 2019, although the domain name was active since 2018. They claim to be based in Arizona, USA although there is no evidence of a physical office. Furthermore, they have not yet registered with the relevant authorities, so you cannot invest in this site if you are based in the USA. If you try to contact the owners of this site, you will be at a loss, as it is unclear of who the owner is. The strange thing is that they do not even provide the details of who funded the platform on the About Us page. Although they claim to have a license to operate, they do not provide any proof of this, and they have been banned by CFTC commission in the USA. When you go onto the site at, you won’t find any contact details, apart from a contact page, so it’s difficult to get in touch with them for verification of their details.

Redox Trade Review

When you visit the Redox Trade platform you will see a professional design, which could be misleading. In addition to this, you will notice 4 different plans for starter, basic, Pro and executive. Each plan has different benefits including the amount of trades you can do per day and your estimated profit. Creating an account is quite simple, although you will have to provide personal contact information during the registration process. While many people have invested in the starter plan, which requires an initial investment of $500, this is significantly higher than all other investment sites. The normal minimum investment amount for such sites is usually set at $250, so this should be looked at closely.


When you invest in a binary trading site, or any other investment site, you expect a solid trading strategy, right? Unfortunately, Redox Trade has not provided any solid trading strategy, apart from claims to have the best team that handles all the investments. They use a custom based web trading platform that claims to have an 81 percent trading success rate. However, custom based trading platforms are known to lack security features and can easily be manipulated by scammers.


  • Company: Redox Trade
  • Product: Binary trading platform
  • Minimum investment: $500
  • Expected return rate: 81%
  • Registration status: Unregistered
  • Trading strategy: Unknown

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Trading Analysis

Redox Trade claims to have more than 60000 users registered on their platform. They claim to have hundreds of successful trades every day. However, they are still quite unknown in many trading circles, which makes you wonder where all the traders are. Another problem with their trading results is that they have not provided any verified results from any platform that can be used as proof that they are actually trading. 

Client Feedback

When it comes to the legitimacy of Redox Trade as a platform, this is where maters get really bad. Unfortunately, they have no verified positive reviews. All the review on this site are from customer who are claiming that this site is a fraud and that it does not offer payouts. It was actually these disgruntled customers that raised suspicions on this site in the first place. Another major customer complaint is that they do not reply to emails, especially when it comes to withdrawals.


If you were planning to invest in the Redox Trade site, then think again. The site is banned by authorities in America where it is allegedly based. It does not have any trading strategy or verified trading results and they have provided no information regarding the owners of this site. In addition to this, negative customer feedback is not something that they can use in their favor either.

If you have had any experience with this company, we would love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below.

Redox Trade $500 (minimum investment)


Redox Trade is an investment platform with an expected return rate of 81%.

  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


They offer various account tiers

They claim to be professional and promise a high profit margin


The minimum required investment is quite high and embodies a fair amount of risk

They provide little details about strategy and have no authenticated trading results

There are a lot of negative customer reviews circulating about this company

They are unregulated

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