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click-trade-appClick trade app is a binary options trading system by John Cross. John is promising to give traders $250 to test his system for free. According to the website their “patented trading algorithm is able to analyze billions of market variables before your final auto trading expires.” Supposedly, the software uses an advanced counter trade hedging feature which minimizes losses and guarantees a 90% accuracy rate.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if this system is a worthwhile investment or another get rich quick scheme.

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Click Trade App Review

I hate to dwell on the small things but professionalism is increasingly important to me in this market. Sadly, the click trade app fails horribly when it comes to this area. At the top of their website the first sentence should say that we can test a trial version before using the real one but trial is spelled incorrectly multiple times on the webpage. Now, some of you may say that this is just a minor issue and that I should overlook it but this is supposed to be a professional investment company that’s been around since 2014. What type of professional investment company would not fix such a blatant error in over 2 years? One that I certainly would be comfortable investing large amounts of money with.

Also, John Cross’ claim that click trade app was started in 2014 doesn’t hold any water. Doing a basic who is check shows that the domain for this website was registered four months ago. This just doesn’t add up.

The testimonials are equally as disappointing. The CEO of this company that we see in the video is actually an actor hired from Fiverr. This isn’t the end of the world, but it certainly is another element that detracts from the professionalism of the company and the confidence that I have in it. When the developer adds lie on top of lie it becomes very hard to trust them and trust is a very important thing when it comes to investing in binary options.

There is a free demo application on the webpage but at this point in time it is not working properly.

I am not going to recommend click trade app to the binary options community at this point in time. I have pointed out a handful of elements on this webpage that are unprofessional and unscrupulous. In order to invest large amounts of money or amounts of money that are significant to you, trust has to be established. I don’t see how we can trust this developer considering the message they are consistently putting forward on their sales page.

Binary options trading is not easy and you are not going to succeed immediately. I know what it takes to win in binary options and I have said it out the best binary options software so that you can succeed in this market. Please see what’s working for the binary today readers and start growing your accounts instead of relying on auto trading failures.

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