Lie Detector Millionaire by Daniel Wilkins Review

lie-detector-millionaireLie detector millionaire is a new binary options no loss profit software. According to the website there are 2 VIP spots left that will enable traders to make almost $500,000 per month. The concept behind this product is that we’ve heard these claims before so the developer, Daniel Wilkins is going to take a lie detector test in front of us on video.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting the binary today readers understand if this is something we should consider.

Lie Detector Millionaire Review

First off, the lie detector millionaire marketing strategy comes across very gimmicky. Daniel Wilkins tells us that he’s been making money ripping people off for years but now he’s decided to go legitimate and in order to prove that to us is going to take a polygraph test on video. Like most of the binary options developers out there, Daniel tells us that he hates all the scammers in this market that show off their fancy cars and big houses but it’s quite hypocritical. Daniel does the exact same things in his video. He is essentially everything that he hates. Daniel shows us his fancy Land Rover car and takes us on a tour of his big house with 3 car garage. I’m really not sure who he is trying to fool here because it seems like he’s trying to fool himself.

I have a very hard time trusting Daniel Wilkins and his lie detector millionaire software. If Daniel is telling us the truth about scamming people for years then how do I know he’s really turned a new leaf. He could easily fake this polygraph test because we don’t see any official results. We just see a guy hooked up to a machine, that’s not verified proof. Plus, I’ve been on this website all day and it’s showing live trading results even when the market is closed. How could there be live trading results when the market is closed? There can’t.

I can’t recommend the lie detector millionaire to any of the binary today readers. This website comes across like a total marketing gimmick and I’ve no faith that Daniel Wilkins suddenly turned a corner in his life. I’m not going to trust someone who made a living scamming people because he said so himself he has no real skills. Please let me know what you think about this review and add anything that you feel is relevant to the conversation. You can discuss this software or anything else binary options related. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you spend more time on binary today getting to know the other readers here and contributing to the community we’ve built.

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