Binary Boom

binary boomBinary boom is a new free binary options trading system. This software was built to make $1700 in profit per day using 60 second binary option trades. The software is fully automated and traders have to sign up with the developer’s recommended broker in order to gain access.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know my thoughts and opinions on this new boom or bust software.

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Binary Boom Review

The binary boom website looks very impressive. The developers claim over 82% for all call trades and over 80% for put trades. There are no real statistics to back up these claims which is no surprise to me considering the marketing methods being used to push this new product. There is a 20 minute video on the front page but it really doesn’t get into actual details about this software and its strategy so it’s just like the rest. The graphics on the webpage are very impressive and they show results going back to December 26 but I’m not sure if I believe in their validity.

I don't buy it

While the binary boom website looks legitimate it is still a free binary options trading system and these are always destined to fail. There are 2 aspects of this system that don’t align with my trading style. The software is fully automated and automated systems in the binary options market have yet to actually succeed. Also, the system provides 60 second trades which in this market are just a gamble. I find your better off flipping a coin and making a 60 second trade.

Today I will not be recommending binary boom to any binary today reader. There are just too many red flags and I’m pretty sure too many of you have gone down this road before. If you are looking for system that really works in binary options spend some time on my website today and look around at what I have to offer. The binary today community is very helpful and leave many comments at the bottom of every important review that I write.

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