Bitcoin Champion review: An old scam or magic platform?

Bitcoin Champion is a crypto auto-trading app that helps its users in making profits. It is basically a third party trading platform that connects users with profitable trades which is how they are supposed to make you money. All the user is required to do is invest their funds in the site. They even claim to be able to make people millionaires in 61 days and that their system is designed to win over 90% of all trades. While this may seem unrealistic to the seasoned broker, there are still people who have tried this site out and have given mixed results. Most people have complained about their service, which will be discussed later in this review. One of the major issues with this Bitcoin Victory site is that there are so many errors. This plays a role in making one suspicious as to whether the site is legitimate or not. They have posted pictures of people using stock photos, they have falsely claimed to be featured in major news sites and they have even posted the wrong value of bitcoin. All this points toward the fact that there is something wrong with this site.

Bitcoin Champion claims to be operational from 2018, although it seems as if they have only started offering bitcoin trading services from 2019. To start trading on this site you will need an account, which is automatically created for you. If you want to get in touch with them, you can only fill in a contact form on the website. There is no other possible way of getting into contact with the owners of this site as they have remained completely anonymous. They have not provided any contact information, addresses, or registration details so we do not even know if the company is licensed or not. Would you trust a company with your money if they have no contact information?

Bitcoin Champion Review

Bitcoin Champion basically offers its users a free trading platform where you get access to an automated trading service. They deal specifically with Bitcoin although they claim that they will add other cryptocurrencies in the future.

When you create a free account on this site, you will be promoted to deposit the initial $250. Because they do not provide many essential details, you will have to trust that the figures that they provide you are correct. Once you deposit the initial $250, you can begin earning immediately. The problem is that you will be redirected to a third-party broker who is impossible to trace and there is no guarantee that you will not get scammed.


The trading strategy of Bitcoin Champion seems quite straightforward to the inexperienced investor. They claim to have an amazing software that helps users trade in bitcoin automatically. You won’t even have to monitor what is happening as it is supposed to win trades by itself. The site claims that it can win more than 90% of all trades. However, this is not supported by any live trading results, and there is no way to prove that their trading robot is better than human traders.


  • Company: Bitcoin Champion
  • Product: Automated trading service
  • Status: Unregulated
  • Trading strategy: Automated bitcoin trading
  • Trading results: None
  • Customer feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Champion has not provided legitimate trading results on their website. They claim to have a win rate of over 90%, but the site does not appear on any trading platforms. Furthermore, the trading results shown on the site cannot be verified from any third party. This means that they either have no trading history, or they have not provided enough details for the user to verify whether the site is actually operational or not. The testimonials cannot be verified as trading results as they are not authentic.

Client Feedback

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Champion does not have a good reputation, especially in online review forums. Most users claim that they had all their funds disappear and they were not even given a refund of their initial investment. Others claim to be facing issues trying to withdraw their funds, while more people are concerned that the site’s support does not work. All these complaints are legitimate as they come from open review sites. Unfortunately, there are very few customers who claim to have made any money at all from this site. Another major complaint is regarding the brokers who usually provide no verification details.

The website also uses very generic client testimonials with images that seem fake. Also, there are only four testimonials and there is no way to verify their authenticity.


Bitcoin Champion is not a transparent trading site. They have provided little contact information, their site shows wrong information and they have not provided any details regarding their brokers. In addition to this, they have lied about being on major sites and have not provided any verified trading results. It is much safer to stay away from such sites.

Have you been considering to use this service? OR, have you had any experience with this company? If so, we would love to hear from you, share with us in the comments section below…

~ Trade Safely!

Bitcoin Champion Trading App $250 (initial investment)
  • Price - 20%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 20%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Customer Support - 10%


The initial investment seems to be moderately affordable
They claim to help generate high profits
Their trading app is allegedly an advanced auto-trader and required minimal or no manual effort


Their website is very similar to several other generic templates over the internet
Company owners have not provided sufficient details about strategy
Their trading results are also not verified
They seem to be unregulated
Customer reviews are controversial

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