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MT2 Trading Binary Option is the latest technology that allows you to trade automated binary options in a secure and safe platform with the broker of your choice. The platform takes pride in having over 7000 users with a trading volume of over 117 million. MT2 Trading is based in the New Horizon Building Ground floor: 31/2 Miles, Philip. S. W Goldson Highway, Belize.

MT2Trading boasts of having a step-by-step guide that meets all their customer’s needs. Both beginners and professionals in this industry are guaranteed to upgrade their trading experience by using MT2 Trading. You can reach them for more information via email address and phone number +1-831-295-8805. If you are looking for a platform to make money as you delight in other life events like time with family, here is why the MT2 Trading platform is your best choice.

MT2 Trading Review (Autotrading)

With MT2, binary trading just got easier and faster; from downloading to setting up the signals and configuring the robot to meet your customized needs. They are the only binary option that allows you to apply your own trading strategy, and then set up the robot to trade for you 24 hours a day. Making money does not stop while you sleep or attend to other duties.
In addition, the company has invested in the latest software and technology that delivers the fastest trade execution in the market. This explains their high trading volume.

Copy Trading Services

If you are new in the automated binary options industry, do not be afraid. MT2 has invested in copy trading services to ensure that you learn from the experts as you build on your skills and make profits. The platform has over 200 expert signal providers. Each of the signal provides trading history and win rate and account progress is double-checked to avoid the risk of fraudulent experts.

In addition, the signals provided are either free or you can choose to pay for them on a monthly basis. However, you pay a monthly commission only if the copied signals resulted in winning.

The platform has further provided a chatting space between the signal provider and the one in need. As such, you are able to reach your expert trader anytime without having to leave the platform.

MT2 binary option has further allowed the creation of signal provider account. Therefore, if you are an expert at trading, this may be your chance to provide signals either free or at a commission. This is a chance to contribute to the growth of the industry.

Risk Management

Although automated binary trading is increasingly growing in popularity, the risk of loss still exists especially since you are not always in control of your account. However, with MT2 trading platform, you are able to set trading parameters that either maximize your profits or minimize losses. The robot adheres to the instructions to see to it that you are satisfied.

What about Similar Trading Strategies and Signals?

MT2 has ensured that traders can configure their robot depending on their instructions to meet their needs. Since the risk of similar signals exists, the company has established ways to avoid confusion.

Firstly, different strategies work best in different trading hour sessions. Therefore, each robot is configured to work best during different hour sessions depending on the customers need. Secondly, there is a maximum trading limit for each pair of currency. When the limit is reached, the robot automatically stops trading. Thus, you do not have to worry about similar trading strategies or ideas.

Live Market Graphs

One of the most important skills for any successful binary trader is the skill to read market graphs and interpret them. These graphs influence your investment decisions and trading outcome. With the platform, you do not have to source for these graphs outside. They display the charts through their website making trading faster and easier.

Economic News Filter

Since monitoring the progress of different economies is important for a successful trade, MT2 has allowed you to fit economic news filters in your account. They take pride in working with, the number one economic news provider. Therefore, with the economic news filter, your robot is informed on when to trade and when not to trade.

Meta Trader 4/5 Connector

Meta trader 4/5 connector is the biggest Forex trading platform in the industry. MT2 is built to allow connection between Meta trader 4/5 Connector and other binary brokers. This gives you a more customized trading experience where you are able to define signals, names, and entry type among other details. Similarly, you are allowed to trade with a broker of your choice.

Supported Brokers

The platform works with four of the best binary options brokers to upgrade your trading experience. That is:

Demo Accounts

MT2 Trading platform provides a free monthly demo account. The demo account provides access to free channels, signals and updates. Other than that, the demo account allows you to trade with any broker of your choice. On that account, if you want to venture into automated binary options, I highly recommend you start with a free demo account to learn how to navigate the industry.


As I conclude, please note that you may experience hitches through the process of installing the software to finding an indicator that works best for you. However, the pros of MT2 Trading override the cons. Therefore, if you are looking to automate your trading skills whether you are a guru or a beginner, MT2trading can be your go-to trading platform.

MT2 Trading $250
  • Price - 33%
  • Strategy - 75%
  • Results - 65%
  • Client Feedback - 50%
  • Support - 83%


Live market graphs
Economic news filter


Very few clients

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