Click Cash Formula System Review

click-cash-formulaClick cash formula is a new binary options system by James Edwards. According to his website 10 people are going to be paid $1 million in just 27 days. Again, it looks like we have another binary options developer that’s promising us the world. These are the types of systems we have to be most skeptical of.

Today I will be providing a review so that the binary today readers understand if this is a valuable trading tool or just another bundle of empty promises.

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Click Cash Formula Review

First of all, the click cash formula system video really rubs me the wrong way. The man in this video starts off by insulting us and acting like he knows who we are as people. He assumes that we are failures. Then, the video goes on for what feels like forever and James berates us with heavy doses of get rich quick scheme sales jargon. He’s constantly pushing the idea that he’s rich and because he’s rich that you can become rich as well. James talks to us as he’s being escorted from limos to private jets and exclusive priority resorts. Yet, in all this time with James we never really learn anything. If you were to sit down and take notes from this video you would actually have the same 3 sentences over and over again. James never actually talks about binary options for the product that’s supposed to make us millions of dollars. There’s something very wrong about that.

Since the video doesn’t provide us with enough information about the click cash formula I’ve decided to do more research on my own. During the video James shows us one of the binary options trades that supposedly made over $19,000 in just 36 seconds. The problem with this trade is that the brokerage offers a max trade size of $5000 which makes it impossible to make $19,000 from just one trade. This leads me to believe that the screenshots we are being shown in the video are being fabricated in Photoshop.

Today I won’t be recommending the click cash formula system. While I would like every binary options system in this market to be profitable, that’s just not realistic. In this specific case, James doesn’t provide enough information about the software and makes me skeptical of his actual binary options acuity. Then we have the doctored trading results, which make me even more skeptical. Please let me know what you think about this system and whether or not I should give it a second chance. I look forward to hearing from you and I’m not just saying that. Please comment now and comment often, take care.


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