Binary Trust Method – $2100 a Day Reviewed

binary-trust-methodBinary Trust Method is a new binary options product developed by Peter Olsen and Amanda Walters. Sadly, I have never heard of either of these suppose a binary options traders. Considering my reach in this market, I should know who you are if you are releasing a product.

Today I’ll be letting you know what I think about the software and reviewing everything that it has to offer.

Binary Trust Method Review

Let’s start by taking a look at the main Binary Trust Method promise. We are told that senior traders analyze every single trade signal before it’s automatically executed on your trading account. This is supposed to lead to $2100 in profits per day on complete autopilot. This claim comes with zero proof and as far as I’m concerned it is way too unrealistic to be true. I could consider his software truthful up to around $200 per day but anything outside of that is a total fantasy. Developers like these use large numbers and unproven promises to acquire new clients quickly. It’s a marketing tactic that’s as old as time and shouldn’t be trusted.



I found quite a few discrepancies in the Binary Trust Method story and sales page. One of the first things I noticed when I enter the members area is the testimonial section. There are supposed to be three testimonial videos for Michael Anderson, James Peterson and Jonathan Gill. However, if you take a look at the image provided you will see that they are using the exact same video that’s being used on the front page of the website. This could easily be some sort of error but I don’t want the people who developed to my investment software to be making such silly mistakes. It doesn’t instill confidence.


The Application

The Binary Trust Method application is actually the exact same software as other failed trading systems, Binary Compound System and Lazy Millionaire. Considering both of these products failed and BTM is using the same platform, means that BTM will also fail. Simple as that.


I see no good reason to recommend the Binary Trust Method to any of the binary today readers. It’s clear to me that this software is destined to fail so we should do what we can to avoid it.

The majority of my trading right now is done using to excellent binary options signal systems. My favorite is Binary5 and a close second is the Binary Today Trader. If you truly want to be successful in the binary options market I suggest that you take a close look at these systems and evaluate how you can fit them into your trading routine.

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