Rapid Income Method Review

rapid-income-methodRapid income method is a new binary options software by Dominic Taylor. Dominic is promising traders that his system is guaranteed to make $5600 a day. My first thoughts are this is too good to be true and my gut rarely ever steers me in the wrong direction.

Today I’ll be providing binary options traders with an in-depth review and an area for comments and conversation.

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Rapid Income Method Review

The rapid income method website looks exactly like every other automated binary options sales page out there. There is a short video making aggressive claims and email subscription form. Dominic tells us that he can show us attract they can make us over $7000 in just 6 mouse clicks. Then, the video introduces us to a few poorly acted testimonials. One of the testimonials is from a well-known actor the can be bought for $5 on the Fiverr gig website. If Dominic software is truly making people thousands of dollars a day then he wouldn’t have a hard time getting real clients to provide testimonials. The fact that this product uses fake testimonials is a major red flag.

Even the so-called creator of the rapid income method Dominic Taylor is an actor. I’ve seen this guy take part in over 10 binary options system launches. The bad news is that every single one of these launches failed miserably. Each one of these systems losing money faster than the last. With that being said, it’s very hard to trust that this product is going to be any different from those previous failures. The website is the same, the actors are the same and so it is my belief that the results will be the same.

I am not recommending the rapid income method to any of the binary today readers. I don’t believe that Dominic Taylor has our best interests at heart. I believe the goal of this page is to earn affiliate income by making us register with their binary options brokers. Please let me know what you think about this product I leaving a comment and starting up the discussion below this article now. If you’ve been in this market for more than a month you probably recognize this face to and I hope that you haven’t fallen for this trick before. I hope that you have a great day trading and a wonderful weekend planned ahead. This has been John Kane with the binary today.

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