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Today I’m providing a review for new binary options product that tells us a new millionaire is made every day, Arab Money Machine. The CEO of AMM is Darryl Graham and he tells us that his software “is like a highly skilled sniper that hits it target with an earth shattering 99.8% accuracy. It means you can go for a walk, go surfing or even have a nap and never have to worry about lost trades or even worse: losing your hard earned money.” At first blush, this product seems too good to be true.

There is no location provided for the offices of the money machine, but support can be reached via email For all the best ratings and reviews, feel free to visit this page here.

Arab Money Machine Review

The sales page for this product is very inadequate. There is a YouTube video, an email subscription form, some fake security badges, a few testimonials and a short explanation of why they are the “best in the biz.”

  • Auto-Trade Functionality

Under this heading, the developers refer to their software as a blazing trader that only places trades if it’s absolutely certain is going to make profit.

  • VIP Members Area

They tell us that their members enjoy a lifestyle that is second to none, and this includes luxury vacations and first class travel thanks to a private wealth manager. All of this is supposedly free.

  • 24/7 Support

Then, they tell us that they provide support via email telephone or chat. For some odd reason, I’ve only been able to find information about their email.

  • Blazing Fast Technology

Of course, like every other binary options developer that is know how to talk about strategy, they tell us how fast they trading system is. Apparently, it uses “heuristic logic minimizers which are blazing fast math algorithms designed to minimize boolean functions.” Then, they don’t tell us what any of this means or how it makes sense in the world of binary options. They really come across like a group of marketers that have never traded before.


The only proof provided for the Arab Money Machine is three testimonials. These type of testimonials are seen frequently in the binary options market, but they can never be trusted. One of the testimonials is from Darnell S. who tells us that he “quickly opened up my account and I made $2172.81 in the first three hours. For the first time, I could say that this is the real deal.”

If you actually watch these testimonials, it’s very clear that they are just actors, and really quite poor actors to boot.


There is really no point spending any more time on this review. I’m going to give the Arab Money Machine a 1.2 rating. I don’t believe anything we are being told to us by the developers or the testimonials. This story is one we’ve heard hundreds of times before, and the result is just going to be the exact same as always. Empty trading accounts.

Please let me know what you think about the software, and feel free to leave any questions or remarks you may have because this can help other Binary Today readers.

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