The Wall Street Lifestyle Review

the-wall-street-lifestyleThe Wall Street lifestyle is a new binary options software by James Taylor. James tells us that he was one of the top students at Columbia business school and he’s used that knowledge to develop stock trade solutions for futures, swaps and options for about 17 years.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at James credentials and reviewing the potential of this new trading system.

The Wall Street Lifestyle Review

James tells us that last year he made $1 million using the Wall Street lifestyle software, which he also calls IMA signals. He believes that his system is the most technologically innovative Forex and options signals platform that’s ever been available in this market. The software is built to monitor all major market assets and generate reliable trading signals. I can’t find any real testimonials for the system anywhere but James says that the user experience rating for this system is over 95%. He promises the traders can easily turn a $250 deposit into $1000.

In order to achieve $1000 with the Wall Street lifestyle system we are told that we only need 5 winning trades. This seems extremely risky to me because this means James wants us to trade our entire deposit on our first trade. That seems like incredibly poor money management. According to the website we have 5 minutes to execute trades when a signal is received. There is an example of the IMA signals software on the website. We can see that the software provides recommendations for different assets based on the RSI technical indicator. This is a good indicator but generally I prefer systems that use more than one indicator for their strategy. There is a testimonial section at the bottom of the page but neither of the testimonials seem genuine.

I won’t be recommending the Wall Street lifestyle software today. There are a couple of red flags throughout this review and I’m skeptical of James Taylor and the story. Generally when I write a review on a product I will do a lot of research. This time, I spent a good 25 minutes trying to find information on James Taylor and his connection to the Columbia University. Sadly, I was unable to come up with any information about James and thus I am not sure if the story is real are fabricated. If you have something you would like to contribute to this article please leave your comments below. Thank you for coming to binary today and please have a wonderful day.

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