Binary Genius

binary geniusBinary genius is a new free binary options trading system. The developers of this software claim that they have made over $122,000 in 30 days using their fully automated trading solution.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know my thoughts on this new trading software.

Binary Genius Review

The binary genius trading system has all the same calling cards as many of the failed binary systems that came before it. Firstly, there are a handful of scripts on this page that are meant to fool us. These scripts contain messages like this is free but is a limited offer and it expires in X minutes. Now, when you refresh the webpage all of these counters start back up from the top so they are not real and the developer is lying to us before we even get involved with their software. That is not a professional nor trustworthy.

Video Review

My next beef with the binary genius comes in the form of their marketing video. While the front page looks professional, it doesn’t take long before we are inundated with fear-based marketing. The video starts off by painting a picture of an impoverished lifestyle. The narrator discusses how you can’t pay the gas bill and install it on your cars just come to the mailing you can’t pay that either. The purpose of painting this picture is to find desperate people because they are going to be the people most likely to believe in this solution. When a person is desperate they will believe that you can make millions of dollars with no prior skills or experience, which is what the binary genius claims it can do.

I will not be recommending the binary genius to any binary today reader. The readers of this website are smart enough to know that you can’t become a millionaire with no prior skills or experience. To conclude, I am saddened by this product and many that come out like this that make grand promises and try to take advantage of those who are the most in need. If you are truly in need please spend some time on my website reading about real solutions and systems that can grow your counts on a long-term basis without extremely high risks. Thanks for visiting my site today and if you ever need any help click asked John and send me an email.

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