Binary Compound System – BCS Review

binary-compound-systemBinary Compound System also known as BCS is a new binary options product being given away for free. The developer of this system is another unknown in the binary options market, Harold Crowells. Crowells claims that this is the most “advanced trading technology out there” but I have my doubts that a new-comer has what it takes to accomplish that feat.

Today I’ll be reviewing the BCS, Harold Crowells and anything else I feel is relevant in determining whether or not this is a viable trading product.

Binary Compound System Review

As is often the case in binary options the Binary Compound System is by a man with no reputation promising us thousands of dollars per day. Crowells tells us that he used to work for a bank and took their “Magnetic Effect Method” which is a system that analyzes data to help determining trends. He’s now using this exact same method to ensure that his system turns traders into overnight millionaires. Crowells also explains to us that he has a hidden method that allows the 1% to profit from a predictable “up and down cycle” called the “Rigged Boom Bust Cycle.” He believes that this untold secrets is making thousands of people like you attain financial freedom. None of these concepts are ever elaborated on or discussed in terms of their impact on binary options. If he cannot tie this to binary trading in any way, I don’t see the point spewing out these unsubstantiated statements.

Application Update

The BCS software is using the same platform as Opus Formula and Maximus Profits. It seems like most of these systems are actually selling the exact same software under a different name, multiple times.

Trading Results


The trading results for the Binary Compound System are lackluster to say the least. Instead of trading statements, graphs, charts or anything of the like the only results being provided come in the form of testimonials. One of the testimonials comes from Evin Tang, a 42 year old from Singapore who’s made $1,400 on a $300 deposit. Not too outrageous which is a good sign but if you take his image and look for it online you will see that it’s a purchased stock photo. Which means, the likelihood of him actually existing is slim to none. Testimonials as proof cannot be trusted in the binary options market because 99% of the products released are using fake testimonials. Developers like Crowells need to focus on real trading results, not hearsay.


I don’t see any point recommending the Binary Compound System(BCS) to the Binary Today readers. This is just another flawed story with little to no practical results or details. I will continue monitoring this product but I assume within 7 days that it won’t even be talked about anymore.

Quick update on Binary5: the software is set to launch in the next 48 hours. Everything is ready, it’s performing great I just have to put together my review and hopefully some videos as well. It’s more than likely it will be released on Friday and the videos will come next week.

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