Opus Formula

opus-formulaOpus Formula is a new binary options product by Lex Simmons junior. Simmons is an unknown binary options developer but he’s telling us that his trading software made him nearly $30 million in one year. Now, he’s giving this software away for free to anyone who wants to become a millionaire.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know if this is a viable trading tool or just a get rich quick scheme.

Opus Formula Review

The Opus Formula sales pitch is quite unconvincing. The front page consists of a short video and according to Simmons we have been specifically chosen to view it. Underneath the video there is a blinking button that is supposed to convince us that this video is streaming live. It’s not. If you click in the middle of the video you can pause it, or come back days later and it will be the same. I really don’t like this marketing method because it’s deceptive. Simmons clearly wants us to feel like this is a limited time offer so that we join quickly without doing any research. Hopefully, you haven’t signed up already because I have a bad feeling about this product.

Binary Trading Results

Despite claiming to make nearly $30 million in a single year Lex Simmons is unable to provide us with any results. The closest we come to actual trading results are testimonials and screenshots of bank accounts. Neither of these elements can be trusted in the binary options market. There are too many unscrupulous vendors using these marketing tactics to trick traders on a daily basis. I’ve even found that the testimonials being used for this product are fake. Two of the testimonials come from actors hired from the Fiverr website. This is a really bad sign and considering their other products in this market actually providing results, I don’t see why we would even give Simmons a chance.


The Application

If you go to the members area and take a close look at the Opus Formula software you will see that it’s the exact same application used by other trading systems like Lazy Millionaire or Maximus Profits. Both of these systems failed.


I’m not recommending Opus Formula to any of the Binary Today readers. It is clear to me that Lex Simmons is a fictional character that has nothing to offer the binary options community. Automated systems like these need to be eliminated from the binary options market completely. These systems are not helping traders and they are giving the market a bad name.

As you probably know by now I’ve been working on a tremendous new binary options software and it’s just about set to release. You can expect to see Binary5 in the next 24 to 48 hours. I hope you’re prepared for real trading system with a strategy built to succeed.

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