Safe Zone Strategy Review

safe-zone-strategySafe Zone Strategy is a binary options software with the goal of making traders over $2100 a day, starting the first day. The developer of this system is Tony Flanagan and he tells us that he’s created the world’s first binary software that can trade and adjust on the fly.

Today I’ll let you know if that is true and whether or not the binary today reader should take this seriously.

Safe Zone Strategy Review

Like every other free based binary system developer the safe zone strategy website consists of a short video and an email form. I feel like binary options developers should make their websites look a little different. Considering how many bad products hit the market that look exactly like this one, it makes me very uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean that this is a bad binary software but the mere fact that every other website I’ve gone on that looks like this has failed doesn’t exactly let me rest easy at night. Today Tony wants to show us his newest, best and safest software.

The safe zone strategy is autodidact, which means the software adjusts itself on every trade to make the next trade more profitable. I’ve heard of this many times in the past, people claiming to have a system that learns from it’s trades. I’ve never actually seen this proven and despite saying so, it is not proven on this site either.  Tony tells us that the strategy will work for anyone and that it will make them profits between $2000 and $5800 every day. To back this up there are a bunch of trades in the members area from 3 weeks ago and a few testimonials from four people with no trading experience. Each trader made a small deposit and all four of them have made around $3000 in less than a week. Sounds too good to be true.

Today I won’t be recommending the safe zone strategy to any of the binary today readers. This system is not proven and needs to establish more of a reputation in the binary options market before I start telling my readers to give it a shot. If you are interested in this system, come back to my review in a month and see what the community is saying. If the feedback is positive you will be able to trust this software, if not, then too bad. Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day.

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