Binary Review: Kiyosaki Formula

Today I’m reviewing a binary options trading software that promises to make traders $1900 per day on average, the Kiyosaki Formula. Somebody in the binary options market wants to take advantage of Robert Kiyosaki’s reputation, and attach it to a binary options trading system. Robert is the writer of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, which is the number one personal finance book of all time. It’s my belief that Robert has nothing to do with this trading system.

It’s unknown who is actually behind this trading system. If you go through all of the website agreements, and disclaimers you’ll notice that Robert Kiyosaki isn’t referenced once. I bet, if he was aware of this product, he would have it removed from the Internet immediately for falsely using his videos and endorsement. To get in touch with support for this product, you can email

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Kiyosaki Formula Review

The creators of the Kiyosaki Formula software tell us that Robert doesn’t put his name on anything that doesn’t deliver high profits. Yet, I don’t believe he put his name on this product. If you watch the main video at the top of the page, you will see that Robert never once mentions the formula or any sort of binary options income system. Instead, there is a clip from an interview Robert did years ago, and once this is done a different voice narrates the rest of the video.

If Robert really was part of this binary options launch, then you would find information about it somewhere else on the Internet. Somewhere on his Facebook, or Twitter or any other social network there be reference to this product. However, there is not. Nobody is talking about the software, not even the person who is supposed to be behind the release of it. Considering the reach and financial impacts of Robert Kiyosaki, a small binary options website makes absolutely no sense at all as it would have no impact on his overall wealth.

What Is This?

  • Type: Binary Options Software
  • Price: Broker Deposit
  • Earnings: $1900/Day
  • Testing: Over 1,000 Beta Testers

According to the Kiyosaki Formula sales page “one in every 16 users quit their day jobs within 4 months after joining.” This, and many other promises like the over 1000 Beta testers claim just don’t seem realistic at all. The binary options market isn’t big enough for a small trading system like this to attract thousands of beta testers. Also, if there were truly thousands of beta testers using this software on a daily basis then they would be discussed somewhere, but it’s not.

If you do an Internet search for the software, it doesn’t even exist. The entire sales page comes across like a collection of lies.

Trading Results

With the promise of $1900 in pure profits per day, you would think that the Kiyosaki Formula creators would be able to prove this in one way or another. Yet, they cannot prove this. In fact, there aren’t any results anywhere on the sales page.

I’m not sure where they’re getting this $1900 per day figure, but considering they can’t prove that it’s true, makes it seem like they are just making it up.


I see no reason for anyone to register with the Kiyosaki Formula. My belief is that someone is trying to cash in on Robert Kiyosaki’s reputation in the financial industry. I don’t believe that he is associated with this product whatsoever, and that’s just one of the many lies that I’ve exposed today my review.

Please let me know what you think about the system, and whether or not you believe it’s a viable investment opportunity.

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