Prizm Tech – Who Is Richard Squire?

Prizm-TechPrizm Tech is a new binary options trading system created by Richard Squire. Squire claims that his system can make $327 in just a few minutes. The website is very slick but we’ve seen many promising sales pages in the past and many of them have let us down the wrong path.

Today I’ll be providing review on this new service and letting you know if I feel this service will lead us down the wrong path or if it’s something we can start using immediately.

Prizm Tech Review

The Prizm Tech sales video comes across very cheesy, like an awareness ad for addicted gamblers or something of the like. The purpose of the video is to connect with traders who have been sucked into bad binary options get rich quick scams. It’s clear to me that the developers of this system aren’t interested in winning traders. They want the traders that fall for get rich quick schemes because they are easier prey. Sure, this sounds like a skeptical view but what makes this website different from any other automated binary options tool. You are pulled into a sales video with the promise that things will be different this time but then you are told that Prizm can make $327 in just a few minutes. How is that different? It isn’t.

The video scares me because it effectively envokes an emotional response. For once, it’s actually well acted and paints a picture that most kind-hearted people want to believe. Although, I don’t believe that Prizm Tech is any different from any other automated binary options software.

Video Review

Who Is Richard Squire?

richard-squireIt’s always important to start at the top, so let’s first analyze the developer of the software, a man who comes across as incredibly genuine. Firstly, my searches on Google were quite futile. I found one man named Richard Squire, but he is a law professor at Fordham, not a binary options trader.

In one of the testimonials David Benson tells us that Richard’s been at the forefront of trading technology for the past 20 years. Yet, there is nothing about this man anywhere on the internet. I’m starting to believe this is another situation where we are dealing with an actor and not a real person.

Another testimonial is from Melissa Northrup who tells us that she’s been testing Prizm since early 2008. I really don’t see how that’s poossible considering this domain was purchased in late 2015.


Trading Proof

There is no trading proof whatsoever that verify the claims of Richard Squire and his Prizm Tech software. I even ventured into the members area to see if the results were in a section that I’ve missed but found nothing. Instead of even having a members area you are directed immediately to the trading platform where you have to fund your account with a broker labeled huge options. I have never heard of this brokerage and can’t imagine that it’s regulated.


I do not trust Prizm Tech, and thus I cannot recommend it to any of the binary today readers. It’s my opinion that this binary options software is another get rich quick scheme pretending to be everything but.

If you are new to binary options I suggest you check out my Binary Options 101 guide to learn what systems and strategies the Binary Today readers use to increase their account. I don’t recommend anything flashy, just systems that use real trading strategies. If you want more information about Binary Today join the Facebook group, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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