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optical-signal-traderOptical Signal Trader is a new binary options trading software promising traders $3000 a day without any skill necessary. The product is brought to us by Dominic Shepherd and George Larson. Neither of these developers have a reputation in the binary options market so don’t get too excited.

Today I’ll be providing a full review because it’s important we make the right decision when dealing with developers that are appearing from thin air.

Optical Signal Trader Review

My initial thoughts about the software are very positive, the presenters tell us immeidately that the Optical Signal Trader never loses a single trade. This type of claim is what we’ve grown to expect from the binary options market and immediately indicates that we are potentially dealing with a get rich quick scheme. You will never find a binary options system that doesn’t lose trades. Every single binary options software will lose trades you just need to find the software that wins more than they lose.

Anyone telling you they have the magical holy Grail that never loses a trade is likely a snake oil salesman that can’t be trusted.

Video Review

Dominic Shepherd and George Larson

It’s quite apparent that both of these people are fictitious characters being played by actors in the short video presentation. I spent 15 to 20 minutes trying to find information about these 2 men the ties them to binary options in any way and I came up empty. When this happens we are usually dealing with an affiliate marketer that doesn’t know anything about binary options trading so be very careful.


The Optical Signal Trader sales page is full of deception. Underneath the video there are 3 articles by major news outlets. “How I made my first million with OST” by Simon Kennedy from The New York Times, as well as articles on Bloomberg and BBC. In doing very little research you can quickly find out that none of these articles exist. Just use the search function on any one of these websites and you will see that the articles aren’t real.


This is a sloppy deceptive marketing trick and it’s the last straw.


There is no good reason to sign up with the Optical Signal Trader software. Both of the developers have no reputation in the binary options market, they make outrageous promises they can’t prove and they are trying to impress us with fake news articles that don’t exist. I believe that the people behind the software are affiliate marketers that have no knowledge of the binary options market, or trading in general. This is not the type of developer you want to trust with your money.

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