Binary Options Brain

binary-options-brainBinary options brain is a new trading system built for traders that are tired of the endless runaround of trying to trade binary options with confidence. The producer of the system tells us that he’s lost thousands of dollars trying to find a real trading solution.

Today I’ll be reviewing this new system and informing the binary today readers on whether or not we should trust what they are selling.

Binary Options Brain Review

This is not the popular brain wave system that I use in my daily trading, the binary options brain is a new trading guide. The developer of the product believes that it takes 30 minutes and 3 simple steps to get moving in the direction of profitability. The system that he is selling here is a guide. He claims that he will guide you to success by informing you of the best binary options broker and the most accurate indicator available. He does not give you the indicator (the name of this indicator is not provided) himself, you still have to purchase this indicator from another vendor but he says that it provides 90% accuracy.

The whole sales pitch of the binary options brain is that the developer lost a lot of money in binary options testing of different systems and now he’s figured it all out. In order for us to access everything he’s learned he wants us to pay him $29. The problem that I have with this concept is that he hasn’t introduced himself, nor has he proven to me that he is a trusted voice in this community. The website provides very little information and the results are screenshots of one dollar trades from early in 2015. There are no recent results, so it’s hard to save the system is still being utilized or even promoted.

I will not be recommending the binary options brain to the binary today readers. With a small sample size and results and an unclear vision for the future and having a very difficult time providing a final conclusion. It will be best if we take a few months and see if the binary options community has something they would like to say about the system. With that being said, thank you for reading this review today and if you’ve tested the software please leave a comment or question below the article now. I hope that you have a great start to your trading week today.

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