My Monthly Income Report – October 2014

With October coming to a close I’ve decided to put together a new brand new report.

In order to provide transparency, I will be providing a monthly analysis of my earnings. Here you will find out how much I’m making, and what tools I’m currently using to help me achieve these results.

My goal here isn’t to brag but to give you the inspiration to start trading. If you sit on the sidelines you will never see results so let me get into this here and help you understand my approach.

October Updates & Changes

The biggest change in the month of October would be my usage of new tools. One free, and another that I’ve had the great fortune of testing for a new development team.

The free tool is an indicator that can be used in MetaTrader 4. This indicator monitors 4 other major trading indicators and uses them to determine market and trend direction. This software uses Stochastics, RSI, EntryCCI and TrendCCI. You put it on any chart and it will automatically give you it’s opinion on market direction for every available timeframe. I check this tool before every trade I take now, just gives me that extra reassurance I need.

On the bottom of this page, and any page on the site now you can unlock this software and get the download free along with video installation instructions.

Free trade assistant software

Second, would be a new signal software that I’ve been testing. I don’t have much information about this yet outside of my results but I’m very happy to have met this development team and feel they are approaching binary options the right way. I’m sure I’ll be emailing you about this one in no time.

What’s New With Binary Today?

Well in October I’ve been making a great effort to get more involved with the community. This month I held many discussions and came to conclusions about some new binary brokers and systems.

In doing this I’ve been focusing on getting people involved on Facebook and Twitter. This is something I’ve just started to work with but I feel it will only grow the community and provide traders with more ways to contact me.

[efb_likebox fanpage_url=”binarytoday” fb_appid=”” box_width=”300″ box_height=”” colorscheme=”light” show_faces=”1″ show_header=”1″ show_stream=”0″ show_border=”1″ ]

If you would like to take part, just like the page on the right hand side. Obviously it isn’t too busy yet but here you will get updates on new posts, strategies and anything else I do here on Binary Today.

I have also added a new section for our readers that have less experience. This is the binary options 101 guide that walks traders through a binary trade, and the main tools I use in order to be successful. So if you know anyone who’s interested in binary trading, this is a resource that would be helpful for them.

Income Breakdown (October 2014)

Okay, now that I got the business out of the way, let me get into some of the good stuff here. This month was very strong and one that I am very proud of.


TOTAL: $12,822.15

Next Month (What to Expect)

I will make an effort to take screen captures while placing trades moving forward so I can show you what types of trades I look for. This should give you a better idea of my trading approach with these systems.

As this is the first month I have given more of a brief overview. Moving forward I will be providing trade samples to back up my claims. I will also be comparing profits month to month and discussing how new tools are impacting the trades I decide to take and avoid.

Hopefully the development team of the undisclosed software I’ve been using decide to release it to the public because I’ve barely scratched the surface and feel like it has more potential than any of the systems I currently rely on.

Well, that’s it for this month’s income report. If you have any questions click Ask John at the top right of your screen and shoot me an email.

I hope you come back soon and that you have a great November in trading.

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