Channel Ranger Review

channel-rangerChannel ranger is a new binary options system built to make between $6,000 and $11,000 per week. The developers of the system believe that there is a hidden link between sports and making large profits in the binary options market.

Today I’ll be reviewing the system and finding out if there truly is a hidden link that we should be taking advantage of here at binary today.

Channel Ranger Review

The channel ranger webpage consists of a handful of videos and an email subscription form. The developer of the system introduces himself to us as Devin Miles, I’ve never heard of Devin so it’s apparent that he doesn’t have much of a reputation in the binary options market. Devin tells us that every time he dribbles a basketball he makes between $250 and $350 and that he earns $5000-$6000 every day. In the video he says this is the part where it sounds too good to be true and I would have to agree. Devin tells us that while this sounds like hype, he’s going to show us something that’s never been done before. I’ve heard these words many times in the past and they are usually only said by get rich quick scheme developers.

The next part of the channel ranger video shows Devin walking into the office where he tells us that he will have to purchase anything today because he’s not selling anything. However, when I go into the members area it becomes apparent that I have to register with a binary options broker and deposit money in order to gain access to the system. So while Devin tells us he’s not selling anything he does want to profit from us through an affiliate commission, which might as well be selling us something. The members area has a results table that shows weekly performance but it doesn’t specify the amount of trades they made, nor does it show us the trade detail. These results cannot be verified in any way.

I will not be recommending the channel ranger at this point in time. While Devin seems like one of the more honest video narrators we’ve seen in a while the marketing methods and overall message is still that of a get rich quick scheme. The developer consistently focuses on making large amounts of money every single day and growing accounts faster than what I deem as possible. Please let me know what you think by writing a comment below the article. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that this review shed some light on the binary options market.

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