Quantum Code

quantum-codeQuantum code is a binary options software by Michael Crawford. Michael is telling traders that he made over $44 million with a personal software that he is now releasing to the public for free. He believes that traders will be able to make over $1.8 million every single month if they just watch his YouTube video.

Today I’ll be providing a review so that the binary today readers know if this is a viable investment opportunity.

Quantum Code Review

The quantum code website is a very simple one. There is a YouTube video, an email subscription form and a couple of scripts. One of the scripts is on the bottom left-hand side of the page and it’s telling me that there are 249 people currently on this page and that there are only 5 spots available. These numbers keep fluctuating up and down but I really don’t feel like they are actually connected to anything. I believe that these numbers are just on the page to incentivize potential customers. This makes sense because the VIP spots available number should only move downward but it doesn’t. The spots available quickly jump from 3 to 5 back down to 2 then up to 7 again, it really doesn’t make any sense.

Quantum Code Proof

On the main sales page there is really no proof outside of a few testimonials in the hour-long sales video. The quantum code members area is equally as underwhelming. There are 2 testimonials here, one from Mark Abrahams who has supposedly made over $380,000 and the other from Robert Anderson who made over $130,000. I really don’t feel as if these testimonials are legitimate. That’s not because I’ve seen these actors in the past but it’s the fact that my gut is telling me that they are actors.

Underneath these 2 testimonials there are scrolling images showing clients that have just made profits in the hundreds of dollars but this seems to be some sort of script as well. I was on this page earlier and I was seeing the exact same images so either these people are all trading at the exact same times or their images are just rolling through over and over again. I tend to believe the latter.


Sadly, I can’t give a recommendation to the team behind quantum code. While my hopes were high through the first 2 minutes of the video they came crashing down quickly as I realized this was just another slick talking salesman promising me millions of dollars. One of the most obvious aspects to look out for when diagnosing a binary options scam is how aggressive their claims are. In this case, we are being promised millions of dollars which in the binary options market is nearly impossible. Honestly, I believe it would be very difficult to find many brokerages willing to handle such a volume but Michael Crawford says that he’s made over 44 million. I just don’t believe it.

If you don’t believe a story that’s fine, that means your gut is telling you the right thing to do. Listen to your gut and let me know what you think about the quantum code software by leaving your remarks below this article now. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that your insight helps other readers that are thinking about signing up.

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