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Today I’m looking at a new signal service by ViF Treid Ltd., Velev TradeTrading Group. The service is promoted on YouTube, and on a binary options review site that I’d prefer not give any publicity to, as they do nothing but bash the intelligent developers, and promote automated trash. They continue to promote, United Trading, which does nothing but lose.

The location of ViF Treid Ltd, is not disclosed, but their web-server is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. To get in touch with Velev, you can email For updated binary options signals ranking please go here.

Velev Trading Group Review

The Velev Trade web-site and YouTube channel first came to be about a month ago. The web-site is still a blank Canvas, with nothing but a disclaimer on it. As for the channel, some of the original videos are interesting because they show trade setups utilizing support and resistance. There are other educational videos that show different indicators and trading approaches, but I haven’t analyzed them in much depth yet.

At first glance, I would actually believe that this is very legitimate. Yet, a red flag is always immediately raised when some of the unscrupulous binary options marketers start to dig their claws into something. As soon as I see specific blogs telling the community that a software, or service is good, I begin to think the opposite.


As with any good binary options signal service, the most important thing is the Velev Trading Group results. This “educational” trading group began 3 weeks ago and claims to have weekly accuracy numbers of over 80%. The way Velev attempts to prove this is quite odd. His videos show us a Facebook post, that states how many trades won, and how many lost. There is no record of any of the trades, and no proof that they were ever traded.

It would be very easy for Velev to provide us with a weekly trading statement so that we could analyze these trades in depth for ourselves.

They claim that the out come of every trading suggestion can be found on the group Facebook wall, but Facebook posts can be deleted with the click of a mouse.

In the last week, which is referred to as week #5, they claim to have provided 33ITM and 3 OTM. Yet, again these results can’t be verified, and considering who is backing this product, everyone should be extremely skeptical at first.


I hate to totally condemn any product, so instead of being like all the other crappy binary options reviewers that would say Velev Trading Group is a scam, I’ll take a much more reserved approach. If you are interested in the service, see if you can test it out for free. They don’t have a sales page, and you have to email Velev personally to gain access so you can probably work something out.

I will say though, that this isn’t my recommendation by any means. I’m providing a 2 star review, because there are really no results, or real user reviews available at this point. So I don’t see why there would be any interest in this service right now. However, if Velev continues to trade well, and start providing real trading results, then I’ll consider upgrading the rating. So I wish him luck and hope that everyone is having a great weekend.

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