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Published on February 23rd, 2017 | by John Kane


COMPLETE REVIEW: United Trading Network Exposed!

Today we are detailing the United Trading Network. This platform is being presented by Professor Anthony Grecko as a semi-automated trading software with an 83% winning ratio. According to the sales video, the creators of this program “took a team of very bright students, taught them all about Forex trading then gave them the resources and support to think outside the box and come up with a brand new approach to trading.” So essentially, a trading product created by non-traders with no experience.

This product is being highly promoted by the usual suspects, so be very careful with which reviews you trust. For updated trading software rankings go here.

United Trading Network Review

The United Trading Network is being sold as a social media trading platform. They refer to it as a Forex Facebook, but it’s odd why they keep referring to Forex trading when this is a binary options product. There are obvious parallels in the trading strategies between the two but there are differences that have to be taken into account.

The entire concept really has to be examined closer. Trading skill is one of the most difficult skills to develop, and the best traders are those that have remained patient and continued to learn over long periods of time. Calling up a few bright students and starting them from scratch is not the way to create a winning system. When it comes to trading, experience rules all.

Anthony Grecko

One of the most important aspects to analyze when dealing with a new binary options product, is the creator. In this case, we have Anthony Grecko who’s the Professor that organized this talented group of students and taught them about trading in order to get a fresh take. Yet, Anthony does not exist, he is an actor. This exact same person played the role of Walter Green in a product called Millionaire Blueprint.

This is really quite disappointing.

The creators of this product spent so much time building up this United Trading Network story, and it turns out that none of it is actually true. In the end, it kind of makes sense that this is all fabricated because the story was far fetched in the first place.

Trading Results

Despite providing a promise of 83% winning trades, there are no actual results anywhere. It’s easy to say a software wins all of it’s trades when you don’t have to provide any proof.How are we supposed to believe that the United Trading Network is a winning system when they don’t show us any results, and their are gaping holes in their story? We just can’t.

How to Gain Access

Let’s say you want to ignore all the red flags and signup anyways. In this case, you will enter all your information and be taken to their members area. Immediately, upon entering you are required to register and deposit with the LionEXO brokerage. We’ve never come across this brokerage before and have to report that they are unregulated.


There is nothing in the sales page, or sales video that will convince us that the United Trading Network is a legitimate trading service. The entire foundation of the product is built on a fake story that uses actors associated with other failed binary options products. This is not the type of trading system that you should be using in your binary trading. You would be better off trading manually than ever registering with the network.

Thank you for reading this review. If you ever want to find more ways to get in touch with BinaryToday then follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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3 years ago

so LionExo is a bad broker? i got assigned this and PlusOption and CTOption. which one is good and trustworthy? I was excited for UTN but after reading your review bit sad all other reviewrs and youtubers gave UTN a good positive review.

3 years ago
Reply to  John Kane

Thanks for the reply. Who is that one person that controls all these youtubers?

What r your thoughts on 10Markets as a broker. Should I go ahead with them. I am from Canada and what that means is that we r not lucky enough like you Europeans and Australians to be blessed with regulated and licensed brokers. Pls help much thanks. If you have to suggest a broker for us Canadians will you recommend 10Markets,CTOptions,BinaryCorporate,OmegaOptions or FM Trader. Pls suggest.

3 years ago

Lets expose this scammers. I have been beaten twice myself. Their advanced sales tactics suppresses our logic. I mean lets suppose there is indeed an automated software with a 83% win rate, what kind of a broker would allow the software to be used on their platform?

Elmer Borneman
Elmer Borneman
3 years ago

I was on the verge of ‘taking the bait’ then, the little guy on my right shoulder, advised me to do some searching i.e: to see if there’s a website giving a true report on United Trading Network (UTN), I came across your website and very glad that I did.
Binary Voice keeps promoting UTN as the next ‘thing’. Ya’ right.
I’ve been ‘bitten’ twice so far – it’s a real scammers world ‘out there’. One doesn’t know who to trust?
After I send this to you I will be composing one for Binary Voice to let them know what I have found out – scam!

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