Can You Trust Epix Trader?

Today I received a couple emails about a new automated trading service, Epix Trader. This software claims that it’s been “1,321 days since we became the #1 trading solution.” I’m not sure who is telling them that they’ve become the number one trading solution, and the domains only been registered for 20 days. This doesn’t add up.

The vendor does not provide an address or location for their company, but they can be contacted for support via If you are interested in higher rated binary options trading systems, go here.

Epix Trader Review

The sales page for the Epix Trader software consists of a YouTube video, an email subscription form, a FAQ, and a few bullet points about the system. As is frequently the case in this market, the important details are all left to our imagination. As in, they are just not provided.

The vendor wants us to know four elements in specific:

  • No complex charts
  • No baffling analysis
  • No complicated methods
  • Nothing to learn at all

This type of, free and easy methodology is common in the binary options market. Yet, it’s frequently used by poorly developed systems, and systems developed by vendors with little trading knowledge.

How It Works

The Epix Trader system works just like any other automated binary options software before it. You are pushed to deposit $200 with their recommended brokerage, PlusOption. After you deposit you gain access to the software, but it’s really hard to say if the software is any good.


According to the sales page the system will inform traders when to trade, and when not to trade, and utilizes a bunch of different features to achieve this.

  • Risk/Reward Stabilizing System
  • MPMIS – Multi-Indicator SystE
  • Supply/Demand Price Predictor
  • Auto-Adaptive Profit-Trade Technology
  • Super-Accurate Leading Signals

This list of features, really just sounds like they are made up hogwash. There’s nothing that suggests that any of these so-called Epix Trader features are actually real. They don’t explain any of them, and I don’t believe they can.


Despite claiming to be in business for over 1000 days, they don’t have a single trading statement to provide the community. This is really quite odd. I don’t see how this trading service would be able to attract the over 26,000 members they claim to have, without ever providing a single shred of evidence that this even works.

In the members area, they tell us that they are giving the first 200 members free access to the software. Yet, they claim to have over 26,000 members. The entire sales page doesn’t add up, and I’m really never interested in a trading system that can’t provide me with any results anyways.

The closest thing they have for results, is a screen shot of an email that seems to be for Auto Binary Signals. This has to be a mistake. Either this developer stole marketing material from ABS, or this is the same developer, and an error was made when creating the sales page. Either way, this is not professional, at all.


There is really nothing to this new Epix Trader system. It looks like so many automated systems we’ve seen in the past, and the amount of discrepancies and issues with the sales page, is quite alarming. I suggest that the vendor put together some results, and come at us with the truth. There is no way they have over 26,000 members, and they certainly haven’t been around over 1000 days. Too many lies, you really can’t trust this service. Please let me know what you think by leaving a review below the article now.

Epix Trader Undisclosed
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 21%
  • Results - 10%
  • Feedback - 24%
  • Support - 64%


Lots of promises


No proof

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