Trade X Confidential Review

Trade-X-ConfidentialTrade X Confidential is a new binary options trading software based on cashing in on tech startups. According to the video on the main page this software allows traders to get in on the ground floor of the tech world’s next biggest buyout. How this impacts binary options, I’m really not sure at all.

Today I’ll be providing a review so that the binary today readers get a better understanding of the software and the impact it could have on our trading.

Trade X Confidential Review

The trade X confidential website consists of an email subscription form, a video, some testimonials and a frequently asked questions area. The questions I have about the software are all about the concept. The developer of the system is Paul Reed and he tells us that he has an application that’s consistently scanning the Internet to discover the next big company to invest in. The problem is binary options brokers don’t offer the assets Paul would need in order to be successful. Binary options brokers only provide the biggest and most popular stocks which means startups and knowledge about startups is useless in this field.

Paul tells us that he went to school for music but when he found himself hundred thousand dollars in debt he decided to come up with the trade X confidential software and now he makes millions. Doesn’t really seem like a logical transition to me, it feels far-fetched. He also claims that his application reverse engineer’s IP addresses to see who’s been looking for news about certain companies. If this is true, it is illegal and there’s no way I’m going to be investing my money in a software that could be shut down for these types of activities.

At this point I cannot recommend trade X confidential to the binary today readers because it’s too risky. I don’t believe that a musician randomly came up with a trading software that’s making millions of dollars and the concept behind the product doesn’t even make sense. On top of that, under the testimonials there is a graph showing trading results and for some reason we see winning trades on Saturdays when the market is closed. It’s very possible this developer doesn’t know anything about trading and that worries me. If you have anything you would like to add to the review please do so now. Thanks for spending your time here at binary today and I hope that you look around the website and learn what’s working for the rest of the community.

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