Binary Boxer Review

binary-boxerBinary Boxer is a new binary options system by a man named Sherman who says that he punches people in the face for a living. I started writing this review and then I came back a day later to finish and it seems now that the special offer is expired. Although, when I refresh the page it’s available again, so it’s likely just a marketing lie.

Today I’ll review this system and let you know if a boxer is the type of person you should trust for binary trading advice.

Binary Boxer Review

The binary boxer website consists of a video, an email subscription form and a fake timer that claims your offer ends in under an hour. I’ve proven above that this is just marketing as if you refresh the page at any time the timer will restart from the beginning, so don’t feel rushed to get involved. The members area is equally as unimpressive. It consists of the same video, another timer and a couple of testimonials. One of the testimonials is from Mike Easton who says that “the real key is the strategy Sherman gives you, it’s spot on.” He claims to have made nearly $70,000 using this system to date.

The second testimonial for the binary boxer comes from Catherine Hall who’s up over $70,000. She says that she’s “been averaging over $7,000 per week in profit for 4 straight months.” The testimonials are impressive but as you probably know by now, these can easily be created by the developer. There isn’t any other form of proof so all we have to go on is these testimonials, and that just doesn’t feel safe for me. When making investments I prefer to rely on hard data and community feedback, there is none of that for this system. We have to put all our trust in one short video and a bunch of testimonials.

I won’t be recommending Binary Boxer to the Binary Today community. As I mentioned above, I need more information to go on. I can’t put my trust in videos, and testimonials as I’m not an emotional person, or trader. If you want to add something to the review please leave a comment below the article. If you ever need any help with your personal trading feel free to click Ask John at the top of the page and send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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