Trade Fusion Review

trade-fusionTrade Fusion is a new binary options system that’s supposedly able to earn over $1,400 in just 45 minutes. The system is put together by Timothy Marcus who says that he’s not only the CEO of TradeFusion Systems but the producer of CNBC’s Futures Now program as well.

Today I’ll be reviewing this product and taking a closer look at the promises Timothy is making.

Trade Fusion Review

Marcus tells us an extraordinary story about his Trade Fusion system. To mark the 100th episode of this Futures now TV show he’s giving away an app that’s been providing him with a 92.3% success rate free of charge. He believes that his system is 100% guaranteed to succeed and will make you thousands of dollars per week. All you have to do is signup for the 90 day free trial where Marcus expects you to make up to 50K.

Is it me or does this sound too good to be true? I’m afraid that it just might be.

When doing research on Timothy Marcus I decided the best place to start would be with CNBC. Considering his large role as a producer for this program it should be no problem finding out information on him and verifying his identity. Yet, I’ve gone to this website and haven’t found any mention of Timothy.

We have our first red flag.

I decided I should give Trade Fusion another shot and take a look into some other statements that he made on the sales page. It says that the initial launch of this application was covered by Forbes, CNBC and Business Insider. In doing more research I’ve found that none of these publications have ever made reference to this system.

Next, there’s an odd statement in their terms and conditions, one that I’ve never seen before. It says “you may and should assume you will probably lose money trading.” I’ve seen this system is risky before, but nothing going as far as telling us we will lose.

I am not going to recommend the Trade Fusion system to the Binary Today readers. There are clearly way too many discrepancies in the message Timothy is conveying on his web page. This really looks like it’s a get rich quick scheme and that’s the exact type of trading approach we try to stay away from. Let me know if you have anything you would like to add to this review by commenting now. Thanks for coming to Binary Today and have a great weekend.

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