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Published on October 13th, 2015 | by John Kane


Dow Jones Focus Group Review

dowjones-focus-groupDow Jones Focus Group is a new binary options trading system by Jeffery Richards. Instead of a beta test like usual, Jeffery is using a new approach to marke this software and says that each participant in this focus group will be paid up to $35,000.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software and discussing its viability with the readers of Binary Today.

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Dow Jones Focus Group Review

There’s always a new way to get the attention of binary traders, this time we see it’s in the form of the Dow Jones focus group. Jeffrey claims that everyone who took place in this focus group using his equinox software made over $250,000 in combined profit in 45 trading days. There are a handful of testimonials but they seem poorly acted and I never really trust testimonials. Under the testimonials there are a bunch of images that show the equinox system being discussed on major news outlets. Sadly, none of these articles are linked to, and they can’t be found on the internet, which likely means they are fabricated.

In order to get access to the Dow Jones focus group equinox software traders have to register with the GTOptions binary broker. In the members area, there is a video that shows the software make over $600 in less than thirty minutes. I’m having a really hard time getting on board with this one though. While it looks more spectacular than the other binary systems we come across a lot of the messages and the content are the same. The website looks exactly like any other free based binary system and the testimonials are very unrewarding. There are also no real results for us to look at outside of a short video and there are some very aggressive claims which we’ve come to expect from get rich quick schemes in this market.

At this point I can’t recommend the Dow Jones Focus group equinox software to the binary today readers. There is simply not enough data on this website or any other that proves this software is worth our time. The fact that they put their reputation on the line by showing us images of news articles that can’t be verified is troublesome and the main reason why I can’t recommend the system. I hope you enjoyed this review and that you spend more time on Binary Today learning about the best ways to trade and take advantage of this market.

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26 Responses to Dow Jones Focus Group Review

  1. joe says:

    Guys, don’t buy any of these i bought this 3 days later lost everything. Stick with binary defender it works. I tried alot of bots lost about 5000 don’t do it!

  2. gift says:

    The so called virtnext is just one of those software released and promoted by some top binary options sites and can’t stand the test of time. I bought the highly promoted premium bot at the time after watching some youtube reviews and these guys where making money with it, so I decided maybe I should try it. In less than a week I lost $250, the performance was so poor, the poorest so far, as far as I know. So my opinion would be rather than going for all these products that won’t last, we should use what we have that is already working!!! THESE GUYS PROMOTING VIRTNEXT GET A COMMISSION FOR REVIEWING AND PROMOTING THE PRODUCT. LETS DECIDE WISELY, THANKS!

  3. Thomas Cheng says:

    After 2 days, the ITM is ~ 50%. It is obvious that NOT everyone can win with this software. It appears that BOWD intentionally removed all negative comments. I am glad that my negative comments are accepted. I have heard that most winners for this software are from Europe. I suspect that most US subscribers do not make money with this software. Is there any more US subscribers who used this software? Please share. I am in the US and used Blooombex-options for this software.

    • Harley Martin says:

      Hi Thomas,
      I am American. I used your same broker for DJ and lost account. Keith even interviewed Jeffrey Richards ( Head of Stella Focus Group) online taking questions from comment section. All I ever heard and witnessed is massive profits from the reviewers. I have never heard of a winner from US, only Eurozone. Later …😎😎😎

    • Uschi says:

      Hi Thomas, I am from Germany and I also lost my money with DJFG in only 3 days. This software do not work in Europe or in US. I think from the positive comments and reviews are the most faked.

  4. Billy says:

    Oh and remember BOW is only doing this fabrication for the lucrative affiliate commissions they receive from the broker that you’re sent to when signing up. That’s why only fake positive reviews and the Fiverr actors and Soros too LOL. How can they be serious, ask for the link to Soros’ article on BOW, they won’t post it. Anyone can see it’s all fake to get the affiliate commish.

  5. Sabs says:

    Hi everyone.I`ve tried as well, 3 loss 3 wins and then I stopped trading with it.I`ve found the original cnn news, from february 24 .2015 Single mom jummped and screamed after making close to a million winning the Powerball.Ha-ha.You can find it guys.

  6. Arambam, Y.S says:

    Hello it is still a controversial claim involving George Soros in investing with Equinox. None of their news reports can be verified. If it’s true why they can’t let us visit to exact news site?Instead crap fake news item and con artist in its cheap looking site. If Equinox said to be 10 years trading record. Why they can’t prove it’s existence. My comments were all remove in Binary Watch Dog as well .bestbinaryoptionssignal. I claimed this sites are scam and prompting scam. Unfortunately there is not any true review. Whose reviews ever tells it? Please don’t promote scam and don’t try sell another untested.

    • Emily says:

      Hi Arambam
      Watchdog comes across as a scam too. He was praising Fast Cash Biz, Google Trader, Cash Camp and now the Dow Jones Focus Group. I tested Fast Cash Biz, but never got access to the software in the first place even though they redirected me to one of their recommended brokers which in my case was Anyoption. Why then redirecting people to this broker if it doesn’t link up with the software anyway?? It doesn’t make sense. Then I tested the Google Trader because of its outstanding reviews. Again same issue, the software didn’t link up to the broker and the Interface looked like Cash Camp. First ten trades were satisfactory only 3 trades OTM, but it slowly got worse, I ended up in net loss. Cash Camp again the same problem, the first ten trades were fine, the second 10 trades weren’t so good anymore. Another scary thing I encoundered with Cash Camp was that even though I set the filter on the settings to 5 trades per day, it kept trading way beyond 5 trades and most of these trades ended up OTM. I was shocked that I wasn’t able to deactivate the auto settings on Cash Camp, I couldn’t remove the tick from the box, it was frozen, thus it kept trading and trading and trading and trading and as you may assume I ended up in net loss again. I tried to comment on Watchdog about my issues these software, but he never published it. He is only publishing positive comments about them. Most honest reviews are also scam reviews, you even can’t trust the hones reviews anymore. It seems that they are all in cahoots with each other.

  7. Thomas Cheng says:

    I will try the Binary Defender later. John, do they have enough signals in the early morning hours, and especially during 5:45pm-11:00pm EST when I am available to trade?


  8. Thomas Cheng says:

    Again, the reports on this site appear to the direct opposite of those on the BOWD site. Very strange! All kinds of wonderful results on the BOWD site. I will give it a try for this one too. But I probably will do the semi-automatic version just to be safe.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Thomas, if the systems that site recommend you aren’t working, then don’t use them. Stick with our recommendations:

    • carol says:

      Cheng if you are referring to the binary option watch dog site, well i should say they are only putting the positive comments. I commented on problems i was having with one of the product they were promoting and they never posted it on there site…. others can attest to this as well.

      • Emily says:

        Hi Carol
        I just wrote a comment above about Watchdog not willing to publish critical or negative honest reviews of people having tested these software and encountering issues with them. I tried to comment on Watchdog several times about issues I had with Fast Cash Biz, Google Trader and Cash Camp, he never published them or they got removed, I don’t know really. That’s why, I posted my comments about them that I tested on I’ve tried that fast cash biz. N.B. Watchdog is targeting newbies who don’t have any experience with binary option bots and he doesn’t want to frighten them by posting negativ comments about the software.

  9. Gerry says:

    Dow Jones Focus Group is a scam I’v had this for 3 day’s lost all my money on auto trader 0 win’s 5 lost today account balance #4.25 now it want’s more money no thank’s from Gerry Canada

    • Thomas N. Tully says:

      I also tried Dowequinox DJFG “after” reading the watchdog report. I lost $300 in 7 automated trades! I am extremely upset and disappointed.

    • Uschi says:

      I also tried the DJFG because of the good review and comments from BOWD. I lost my money with 12 losses and 8 winning trades. I have no more faith and trust in the BOWD, why do they recommend scammers by claiming put scammers out?
      The XTP APP looks very similar like the DJFG trading site. Maybe the same, maybe scammers, too?

  10. James says:

    Dont buy this crap, deposited $250 lost the lot in 30min, i tried to contact them but it just bounces back to me, i could of kicked my self as i normally research and do my homework on these scammers, lesson learnt,.. Never Again !

  11. Uschi says:

    DJFG and Mike Freeman are the same People and the same product only another name?

    • John Kane says:

      Are you asking or telling?

      • Uschi says:

        I got the same emails with the same content at the same time from DJFG and Mike Freeman, so I am wondering whether this could be the same one.
        I have tried DJFG and must say, its a terrible scam, no support, lost all my money in 2 days. Please stay away from these scammers.

  12. Harley Martin says:

    Hi John,
    I would give this a GO only if GlenRidge broker would reduce there minimum to $250 per there terms and conditions. They are in violation per CYSEC regulations. SpotOption and CYSEC and CFTC have reached some agreement that seems to allow American Binary brokerage to be created. There is a website for Spotoption USA. Can you way in on this ????
    P.S. Support for DowJones can give different brokers.

  13. David Mitchell says:

    Just more fluff and bad acting. Stay away from this one folks.

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