Dow Jones Focus Group Review

dowjones-focus-groupDow Jones Focus Group is a new binary options trading system by Jeffery Richards. Instead of a beta test like usual, Jeffery is using a new approach to marke this software and says that each participant in this focus group will be paid up to $35,000.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software and discussing its viability with the readers of Binary Today.

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Dow Jones Focus Group Review

There’s always a new way to get the attention of binary traders, this time we see it’s in the form of the Dow Jones focus group. Jeffrey claims that everyone who took place in this focus group using his equinox software made over $250,000 in combined profit in 45 trading days. There are a handful of testimonials but they seem poorly acted and I never really trust testimonials. Under the testimonials there are a bunch of images that show the equinox system being discussed on major news outlets. Sadly, none of these articles are linked to, and they can’t be found on the internet, which likely means they are fabricated.

In order to get access to the Dow Jones focus group equinox software traders have to register with the GTOptions binary broker. In the members area, there is a video that shows the software make over $600 in less than thirty minutes. I’m having a really hard time getting on board with this one though. While it looks more spectacular than the other binary systems we come across a lot of the messages and the content are the same. The website looks exactly like any other free based binary system and the testimonials are very unrewarding. There are also no real results for us to look at outside of a short video and there are some very aggressive claims which we’ve come to expect from get rich quick schemes in this market.

At this point I can’t recommend the Dow Jones Focus group equinox software to the binary today readers. There is simply not enough data on this website or any other that proves this software is worth our time. The fact that they put their reputation on the line by showing us images of news articles that can’t be verified is troublesome and the main reason why I can’t recommend the system. I hope you enjoyed this review and that you spend more time on Binary Today learning about the best ways to trade and take advantage of this market.

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