Profit 4 Patriots – Banned Video?

profit-4-patriotsProfit 4 Patriots is a new binary options trading product by Douglas Ward. The software is being marketed as an automated signal system that provides 70 signals per day with 80% accuracy. Not only that, Ward claims that his software can make you $30,000 a month with just half an hour of trading per day.

Today I’ll be reviewing this system and letting you know if it will truly help you “say farewell to debt and increase your wealth even in a failing economy.”

Profit 4 Patriots Review

The entire concept behind the Profit 4 Patriots system is a common one. Douglas Ward is trying to instill fear and attract week minded individuals to his service. In order to do this, he tries to make it seem like the world economy is in disarray and nobody on earth can make any money except for the people at the top.

One of the most asinine things Douglas Ward says is that 40% of the total profit banks are showing come from binary options. This makes absolutely no sense at all. While binary options can be profitable, it is traded predominantly by day-traders. I don’t believe that there is a single bank or large investment firm trading binary options currently.

Video Analysis

Trading Results

If the ridiculous comments being made by Douglas Ward isn’t enough to stop you from signing up, try taking a look at the results. There is a classic mistake that these binary options product marketers keep making with their fake results. They show trades occurring when the market is closed. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you can’t trade when the market is closed.

In this case, the Profit 4 Patriots results table is showing us trades on October 8th and 9th that don’t exist. These trades supposedly occurred over the weekend but as you very well know, the markets are closed on the weekend. So, you can’t trade.

Do we really have to continue the review after pointing out something so blatant and disingenuous? I don’t think so.


The Profit 4 Patriots software can’t be trusted. In watching the video, it really comes across like Douglas Ward knows little to nothing about binary options trading. It is likely that Ward is just an affiliate marketer attempting to make money off a market he knows nothing about. Any developer that has the nerve to get caught showing us fake results deserves to be called out for it. Please avoid this software at all costs.

If you are looking for a binary options system that actually works try going through my personal binary options 101 guide and seeing what works for the Binary Today community. I appreciate you stopping by and hope this review saves you some heartache.

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