Can You Trade Binary Options On Weekends?

can-you-trade-binary-options-on-weekendsBeen asked quite a few questions recently and one keeps popping up, can you trade binary options on weekends?

Sadly, you cannot, the market is closed on weekends.

You can trade 4 and a half day’s a week. The market is open from Sunday at 22 GMT until Friday at 22 GMT. Lately I will hop on Sunday night to get a head start and try to start my week strong before Monday morning. Helps me deal with the normal Monday blues to know that I’m already a few hundred up.

There are four different sessions for traders as well, Sydney, Tokyo, London & New York. These markets open and close throughout the day. Following are the times in which the binary options market is open in GMT.

  1. Sydney is open 10PM to 6AM
  2. Tokyo is open 11PM to 6AM
  3. London is open 7AM to 3PM
  4. New York is open 12PM to 8PM

Most traders that have been involved in binary options for years have favorite market sessions and conditions. This is because each market is a little different, with news and other elements impacting each market differently.

I know many of the readers here at Binary Today wish that this was an option because they work during the week and don’t have a lot of time to trade. This is one reason I see many people fall for the fully automated binary options scams so frequently.

For people that don’t have the time to trade, I recommend Binary Brain Wave because it provides signals every hour at the 50 minute mark, so if you only check your computer at 7:50, 8:50 and 9:50 you’ll be spending less than 20 minutes in total but still getting a bunch of signals.

If there was an automated binary options software that worked properly I’d be the first person to recommend it but as you can see by the binary options signals and software ratings these automated systems are not doing very well.

I hope this article helped answer some of your questions and at least clarified whether or not trading was possible in binary options during weekends.

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