Solid Miner: A Trusted Cloud Mining Platform or a Bitcoin Scam?

Solid Miner is a cloud mining platform that offers free bitcoin cloud mining to investors. It is based on the concept of cloud mining where you buy a share in a mining rig in return for profits from the bitcoin that is mined. However, they claim to be different as they do not have any charges for their mining rig and you can supposedly get a share for free. This means that you can mine bitcoins without having to buy expensive mining equipment or worry about electricity costs. While they claim to offer a free bitcoin mining plan and no maintenance or withdrawal fees, you will still have to buy the plans. You can also earn up to 30% commission from referrals from this site. While this may seem quite a deal to the inexperienced investor, there are actually a lot of things that are not in place in this model. It is impossible to invest in cloud mining without charging a maintenance fee as the setup uses a lot of electricity and requires constant maintenance. The returns that they are offering is also ridiculously high for a legitimate company.

Solid Miner is a new site in the bitcoin mining sphere and has only been operational since January 2020. While they claim to be legitimate, they are not registered under any regulating authority, so this is definitely a red flag. Another thing to consider is that their contact information cannot be verified either. If you want to get in touch with the owners of the site, you can do so through email at: They claim to have a phone number as well, but this is only for VIP customers. The company claims to be based in London, even though there is no company registered in the UK with this name. They have provided a physical address at: 6 Rodmell Slope, London, N12 7BX.  You can access the website at:

Solid Miner Review

The Solid Miner website is cloud based Bitcoin mining site. They claim to have the latest and advanced bitcoin mining equipment that allows them to make profits without having to invest a lot. All you need to do is add your bitcoin wallet and security code to start mining. However, the catch is that you will first have to buy a plan. The plans that they are offering have returns that are simply unreal. Their basic plan offers 0.009 BTC per day and it is valid for 6 months. This is certainly not possible to a chive by legitimate bitcoin mining. You will also have to pay a fee of 0.2 BTC to access the plan, so it will first take some time for the investment to pay off.  Unfortunately, these claims cannot be supported by any mining strategy as even the most powerful miners cannot achieve such returns.


If you take a look at the strategy of Solid Miner, you will notice that they do not actually provide much details of exactly how they operate. They claim to have the “fastest bitcoin mining hardware”, although they do not mention the model, type or strength of this hardware. So there is no proof that they have any legitimate strategy at all. Another concern is that they do not have maintenance fees, so how to they plan on sustaining their mining rig? It simply doesn’t make any sense.


  • Company: Solid Miner
  • Product: Cloud-based mining service
  • Minimum investment: 0.2
  • Strategy: Unknown
  • Mining results: Unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Unknown

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Trading Results

To prove that they have actually made profits from mining, solid miner has posted a few payment proofs on their website. However, they do not provide any information that can prove that these results are actually real. It is quite easy to add a few fake name to a site, and unless they can be verified by a third party, these results cannot be trusted. When you request to view more payouts, then the site does not deliver this information. The strange thing is that the time of these payouts remain the same, regardless of when you visit the site.

Client Feedback

Solid miner has only been operational for a few months, so they do not have any customer feedback yet. However, it appears as it they are only making the minimum payouts to stay relevant, and work in the same way as many Ponzi schemes.


While all the information about Solid Miner is quite clear, you should stay away from this site for two reasons. The main reason being that they are not registered, so there is no way to protect your money if they do not pay off. Another reason is that they offer impossible returns without providing any verified payment proofs, so investing in this site means risking all your money.

If you have you been considering to invest with this company or have had any experience with this company, we’d love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below…

Solid Miner 0.2 BTC (minimum investment)
  • Price - 20%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 30%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Customer Support - 20%


They have a seemingly professional website
They promise a high profit margin


Their trading results do not seem to be authenticated
They do not provide sufficient details of trading strategy
They have limited customer reviews

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