Is Super Crypto is another scam?

Super Crypto claims to be the most effective trading company which allegedly materialized in the year 2007. It also claims that this investment service will increase your bitcoins to an extraordinary profit margin. With the use of their services, you have to deposit your bitcoins and you can get 67% daily returns. This is a lot of profitability and that too in Forex and binary options marketplace.  All of this makes super crypto look absolutely suspicious.

Another terrible thing about Super Crypto is that its services are illegal. Although, the company is UK based and it is registered also but it is not authorized for the investment services. A license from the Financial Conduct Authority is mandatory and Super Crypto is unable to have this one. Moreover, it also did not exist in 2007, the company came into existence only in 2019 which is another proof of the Super Crypto being a shady service (aka. a scam).

The company website is and they do share a customer support email id and their company number, i.e. 11893843. The 24-hour online chat facility is also available. 

Super Crypto Product Review

Super Crypto does not fare well on trustworthiness, as a company and the reason behind this is that the collected information, related to the strategy and profitability, is not reliable. Therefore, it seems quite risky to trust Super Crypto for investing money. Since the Forex market is full of turmoil and upheaval, to trust any company blindly is hardly a wise decision.

Furthermore, Super Crypto promises as high as 67% profit margin, and that too on a daily basis. In trading companies or stock exchange, 67% daily is quite impossible even 10% per day is also incredible. However, Super Crypto seems to be quite another scam service that plans to snip your money. The company also claims that they have a team of professional workers who would guide you completely in stock exchange but the reality is the opposite. They have very immature policies as these kinds of returns on a daily basis are impractical and reflect shallow planning.


The main strategy of Super Crypto is to make money even with the little investments of people. It claims to provide the platform that matched with the lofty expectations of the investors and to serve the investor with the best returns in the market which in reality seems highly unreliable and false.  

Super Crypto offers an investment of 0.88% to 1.22% hourly for 120 hours, 1.83% to 3.06% hourly for 60 hours, 66% daily for 2 days and 6000% after 9 days which seems to be a complete exaggeration to persuade people for the investment. Moreover, they offer a manual withdrawal process and an affiliate bonus of 3-10% is given to the client. 

Super Crypto also claims a deposit of 1200% after two days which is 5000 dollars minimum and 150,000 dollars maximum. If you are going to deposit after 3 days, you will get 6000% which is a minimum of 15,000 dollars and a maximum of 5,000,000 dollars. Do you think it is possible? Not only these outrageously lofty figures hard to believe but they also reflect the company’s mindset towards hoarding big investment amounts and then (probably) not delivering (because the deliverables seem unrealistic).

In trading companies or stock exchange, there is always a chance of getting loss and profit. It completely depends on the luck so, whenever any claims to be 100% profit, it will be a scam. 


Here are some facts and figures about Super Crypto which are displayed on their website.

  • Founded in: 2019
  • Location: 63 Castle Ln, Westminster, London, UK
  • Company website:
  • Company registration number: 11893843
  • Trading results: not verified
  • Strategy: not explained properly
  • Amount to be deposited (min): 10$
  • Withdrawal for crypto (min): 2$
  • Minimum withdrawal time: 24 hours

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Trading Results

Another important thing that people have to be familiar with is the trading results of the Super Crypto that is not verified and the company never even tries to give supportive data about this. Whenever the company claims to be a profitable “real-deal”, it becomes imperative that they provide potential investors with promising trading results and proofs. However, Super-Crypto does little to no effort in doing so.

Client Feedback

Most of the client feedback about Super Crypto is negative and no positive customer reviews could be authenticated. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy trading company, do your research completely with proper facts and figures.


In short, if you are going to invest money for the trading company functioning cryptocurrency, it is very important that you have a mentor who may guide you throughout this journey. If you don’t have any friends or relatives then do your research. With Super Crypto, to invest money is a huge risk because of their illegal services, exaggerated profit margins, and no trading results. 

Have you had an experience with Super Crypto so far? Or are you thinking about making use of their services? We would love to hear from you, so share in the comments below!

Super Crypto $10 Deposit
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 34%
  • Results - 45%
  • Feedback - 55%
  • Support - 74%


67% daily return promise


No proof

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