The Penultimate CFD Society Review

Today we will be taking you through the intricacies and details of a new binary options product in our CFD Society Review. This product is brought to us by Chris Chase. According to the sales page, Chris is a successful CFD investment manager who’s handled in excess of $80 million for a number of clients.

Why someone who was featured on Fortune, Forbes or Bloomberg would decide to enter the small market of binary options is a real head scratcher. We will get to the bottom of this, and anything else we find interesting in our research. For a quick binary options start guide go here.

CFD Society Review

The entire weight of this project relies on the CEO of CFD Society Chris Chase. He is essentially the foundation of the project, who promises “an opportunity that could earn you over $60K a year.” So, it’s most important that we first analyze Chase, and find out who he is, and if we can trust him.

Chris Chase

The evidence gathering process her is really quite brief. There is absolutely no information on Chris anywhere. Despite the promises that he’s regularly featured on large news outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg, neither of these two institutions have ever heard of him.

In fact, the only place we were able to find Chris Chase is on a stock photo web-site. Thus, confirming the theory that he doesn’t exist.

The entire fabric and story behind the CFD Society relies on this one person, and he doesn’t even exist.

This really all adds up. As, there is no reason why someone as successful as the person they created would ever decide to create a binary options product. Binary options is a growing market but it’s still peanuts when compared with traders managing over $80 million.

Other Fabrications

The CFD Society product is promoted through the fake Chase story and through a handful of testimonials “from the members.”

  • Louisa Lopez says “This work-from-home opportunity has made me so much money I’m in a transitional period between quitting my day job and retiring in the Caribbean!”
  • Rebecca Stanley says “The extra $60K I made from this online “job” has allowed me to pay off all my debt this year and finally enjoy true financial freedom.”

None of these testimonials can be verified. All of the images being used are stock images which can be purchased online. If you drag and drop any of the images into Google Images you will see that they have all been used for many purposes in the past.

There is nothing that suggests that any of these claims are real. There are no results that qualify any of the statements and there are no statements online from actual clients.


There is nothing that suggests that the CFD Society is going to be reliable product. It has failed our review process in many aspects. They built their entire story on a person who doesn’t exist, and instead of giving us transparency, they rely on deception. In order to gain access traders have to register with Option888 which is an unregulated brokerage. Do your best to avoid this product.

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