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profit-geniusProfit Genius is a new binary options software beta test that is promising clients $563-3255 per day. This is a very strange estimation, I would like to know how they came up with these numbers because there is nothing on this website that explains this at all.

Today I will be analyzing the software, the developer and everything that has to do with this web site so you know if it’s a reliable source of income.

Profit Genius Review

The profit genius is another binary options beta test. This test claims to have over 7000 testers, over 81,000 visitors, over 200,000 total trades and over 2 million dollars in member profit. Considering this product just hit the market, and the unreliable nature of beta tests, I’m very apprehensive in trusting this developer. When I came on this web site a few days ago I wrote a comment, and much to my disappointment it never made the “live feed” of visitor comments. Due to this suspicion I decided to analyze this box further.

Furthermore, I’ve found that if I refresh the profit genius web page I will see the exact same comments left at the exact same times. My suspicions and skeptical findings are justified. Whether it’s Ruby Morris, Joshua Torres or Andrew Jackson, it doesn’t matter what time you enter the web page you will see the exact same comments left in the same order. Sadly, I feel that this is a total misrepresentation of the product and what it has to offer the community. It is clear to me now that I cannot trust this vendor because they are clearly creating all of the comments and then sending them back to us in some sort of formula in which they feel will make us get involved in this “beta test.”

I didn’t get into this business to bad name products like the profit genius, but I can’t in my right mind give this a positive recommendation. The developers behind this system are clearly trying to pull a fast one. This is not only immoral but reprehensible and deserving of nothing but negative press. I hope that this message gets across loud and clear. If you want to sell us your products we are willing to buy them and invest our money, but with one caveat, that you are honest and forward with us. It’s okay if a system promises only 1-5% a month, the readers of binary today would be happy with this. Consistency is key and so is transparency, so please do your best for the community. Binary today readers, please leave your thoughts and tell me what you want out of binary options trading.


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