The 50K Mission

the-50k-missionThe 50K mission is a new binary options software that tells traders they can make life-changing amounts of money in one week. According to the people putting the software together 12 months ago covert group of Wall Street investor to open the doors to a few lucky people giving people the chance to earn more money in one day than most people earn in a month.

Today I’ll be providing review and educating the binary today community the best I can about the software and my expectations.

The 50K Mission Review

The 50K mission website consists of a 17 minute long YouTube video, an email subscription form and a handful of client testimonials. In this video the developers are telling traders that they are looking for 25 great new people to test the newest version of their technology. They say that the last version make millions and millions of dollars so I’m not sure why they are releasing a new version at all. That being said, this is obviously another beta-test which comes with a large amount of risk. When dealing with beta tests you have to keep in mind that it is incredibly unstable. The whole point of the beta-test is to stabilize the product before goes to market.

On the front page of their site 50K mission claims to have a proven track record guaranteed profits. They are telling traders this virtually no limit on how much money they can earn and that the software is fully automated. According to the last beta-test they had 17 traders that generated over $21 million in profits. There are no verified results to back up these claims because there is no system in the binary options market that has that capability. At the bottom of the webpage we can see a results section that says it’s third-party verified but it’s not. Underneath that can read client testimonials but I’ve done searches for these tweets and I have been unable to find them so it is likely they are fabricated.

Today I can’t recommend the 50K mission to the binary today readers. The bottom line here is that I just don’t believe that their last beta-test made traders over $21 million. Any system that successful would not have to be selling us on their concept, 25 spots would be filled up within seconds. The story in the results just don’t line up. If you something you would like to add to this review now be the time to leave your comments and concerns. Thanks for visiting binary today and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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