Profits Eternity – $6451 Per Day Guaranteed

profits-eternityProfits Eternity is a new binary options trading software by Jane Creswell. Creswell tells us that her binary options software is guaranteed to make traders $6451 per day. It’s a very specific number which is quite odd, but the entire presentation isn’t exactly on the up and up.

Today I’ll be analyzing the sales page, the software and letting you know if this is a trading system that you should trust. As always, in order to gain access you will have to register with a binary options broker.

Profits Eternity Review

The Profits Eternity sales pitch is one we’ve heard over a thousand times before. We are told that the system has never lost a trade since inception, that winning trades are guaranteed for 3 over 3 years and that the software is 100% risk free. There are many issues with all of these claims. First of all, there isn’t a single opportunity in trading that is risk free. Every single trade will always be risky. Trading is one of the riskiest ways to invest, if not the riskiest.

Then, Creswell has the nerve to tell us that the system has never lost a trade but doesn’t even back it up. After spending 5 minutes on this website it really comes across like the rest of the automated binary options market. Just full of empty promises.

Video Analysis & Commentary

Jane Creswell

jane-creswellThe developer of Profits Eternity is Jane Creswell. Jane claims that her product has earned members over $7 million. Yet, for some odd reason she has absolutely no reputation in the binary options market whatsoever.

It’s as if she has just appeared from thin air. I believe that there is no Jane Creswell and this is just a name chosen by the marketers of this product and played by an actress. There’s nothing that verifies her identity no matter how deep I dive into Google. This is just another system like Electoral Profits.

Trading Results

One of the most revealing elements on the Profits Eternity web page is in the members area. He you can see a list of over 39,000 trades that this system has supposedly taken. Out of these trades, there has never been a single loss and they are claiming to have earned over $3 millin with a starting balance of $250.

These numbers are absolutely absurd. There is no truth to these at all. I don’t care what system, or what method a trader is using they will never win over 39,000 trades in a row. This is not possible, and it never will be possible. Promises like these are used by snake oil salesmen and scam artists.


It’s very clear to me that we can trust Jane Creswell and her Profits Eternity application. The website is full of fake testimonials, over exuberant lies and deceptive marketing practices. I can’t come up with one good reason why any binary options trader should consider this software.

I recommend that you check out my October 2016 Income Report. In this edition I show you the exact strategy I’m using and explain how to trade the right way. Don’t fall for a get rich quick scheme guys, find a real investment.

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