30 Day Millionaire

30-day-millionaire30 day millionaire is a new binary options software that is promising traders with $1 million in trading profits in just 30 days. The people who put together this software package also tell us that their members have generated over $55 million with their software.

I’ve seen many products like this in the past so my review today will be brief but very informative.

30 Day Millionaire Review

The concept of the 30 day millionaire is very common in the binary options market. Vendors in this trading space often try to push products that will provide large profits in a short amount of time. Some people call this a get rich quick scheme and I see how that certainly can be applied in situations like these. I am not saying that this software is a scheme or scam for that matter but it is certainly selling us a bill of goods. On the bottom right-hand side of the page you will see a counter that is constantly growing every single second that you’re on the site, showing increased profits. If you refresh the webpage these profits start back at the beginning and then go up at the exact same rate so it’s hard for me to believe that these are real.


The 30 day millionaire video currently has 104 views which is a very small number and also make it hard for me to believe that with such a small amount of traffic they have been able to accrue over $50 million in profits. The video also just happens to use all the consistent marketing methods by all the free binary options trading systems in the market. The content is filled with testimonials, bank account statements and trading statements but no discussion about strategy and how the software actually trades.

Sadly, the 30 day millionaire is another system that I can’t give my recommendation at this point. I’m not sure if this system is good or bad because I haven’t tested it myself yet but I don’t plan on testing it in the in it’s first week. Considering this product was conceived today I don’t have any reason to be the first person to try it. Like usual, our best bet is to sit back and let other people test out this software and await their feedback. I hope that this review has helped you get a clearer picture of the binary options market and what specific trading systems have to offer.

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