Binary Review: Tratika

Today we are providing a full analysis of the new binary options software, Tratika. The developers of this software claim that this is the easiest way to boost profits, connect with pros and immediately reduce risk while increasing gains.

The sales pitch for this system, is that you don’t have to have years of experience. This is “the only suite of tools designed to help serious binary traders like you connect with experts, win more consistently and dramatically reduce your risk.” We’ve seen other trading systems make the exact same promises, and look very similar, but none of them have ever lived up to the expectations or promises. Will this be any different?

Tratika Review

The sales pitch, the sales page and the Tratika software are all very familiar. In doing further research, it’s quite apparent that this product is a white label application. What this means is that this is the exact same product we’ve seen multiple times in the past, it’s just being rebranded and promoted again. This wouldn’t be an issue if the product was successful, but the past iterations of this platform have not performed that well. Just see our most recent review on the United Trading Network.

The Promises

All of these systems make promises about options that you have an trading styles that you can utilize to increase your success rate. Tratika claims that they are the first development team to ever offer social trading in the binary options market but this has been offered many times in the past and will likely be offered many times again.

They are doing everything they can to promote their software and make it seem like a legitimate binary options trading software built for rookies and experienced traders. They want us to believe that the auto trader can “act as your financial advisor and do the hard work for you.”

It just doesn’t seem plausible.

Trading Results

While the Tratika software is made out to be a real dominant force in the binary options market, they have no proof. There are no trading results that can backup or verify any of the claims being made on the sales page and that’s something we just can’t go without.


At this point in time we will be giving Tratika a 2 star review. This really nothing on this website original or different from their predecessors. As we mentioned above this is clearly a white label software that can be purchased by anyone and then re-branded and sold to the marketplace. When dealing in the binary options market you want to ensure that you are working with real traders and trading analysts that have the experience necessary to create viable trading strategies. This just isn’t the case here.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review please leave your questions, comments and remarks below the article now. Thank you for spending time with us here on Binary Today.

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