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smart-bot-proSmart Bot Pro is a new automated binary options trading software that claims to be the most adaptive on the market. According to the sales page this robot is different from the others because it uses 3 different strategies and more than 500 combinations of signals. I’m not sure exactly what they mean by signal combinations and it’s not explained in much detail, nothing on the site is.

Today I’ll be providing a candid review so that you understand if this system can offer any real trading profits.

Smart Bot Pro Review

The Smart Bot Pro sales page is extremely limited. There are no results, no discussion about strategy and a vague outline of the features. Basically, they aren’t giving us anything. As far as I’m concerned, this is never a good sign. It’s my experience that developers who are excited and proud of their products are more willing to explain them in detail and provide us with much more compelling information. I really don’t see how this sales page even sells the product. With little to nothing for the consumer to go on I don’t see why anyone would sign up.

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The Trading Software

The reason why the developers of the Smart Bot Pro system don’t seem enthusiastic is because they aren’t actually the developers. They didn’t create a system at all. Whoever is promoting the software purchased a white label solution, and they are now reselling it to the binary options community. A white label solution is a product created by developer and sold to anyone and everyone.

The Problem

white-label-solution-proofThe issue that I have with this white label solution is that we’ve seen it before. It’s been used by the “creators” of iRobot, Gold Binary Robot and Option Robot. Every single one of these systems failed in the past because they are using the exact same software and this software is being sold again under a new name. There is really no chance that this binary options software is going to perform any differently than it did in the past.

White label solutions in the binary options market are not built for the consumer, not at all.


There is no reason to get your hopes up about the Smart Bot Pro. I am not recommending this white label trading system to any member of the binary options community. It’s my belief that this software is clearly not a winner and that it will only drain your account.

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