Fortune Trader Review

fortune-traderFortune trader is a new binary options trading product set to hit the market on June 29th. The people behind the system claim that they ran a random lottery and that my email was picked out of over 300,000 subscribers to receive free access to this new program, I get a feeling a lot of people are going to be getting that same email.

Today I’ll be reviewing the system and letting you know if it meets the expectations of the binary today community.

Fortune Trader Review

The Fortune trader system is marketed just like the average binary options software we see hit the market on a daily basis. The claims are aggressive in the discussion about actual strategy unlimited. They are telling traders that a high-tech company leaked a stealth trading technology to a handful of lucky people and one of the testers has already made over $5600 today. I am always concerned with beta testing systems because the beta testing process is extremely risky, so please be careful.

The developers of the Fortune trader system also tell us that this software guarantees traders will never lose a single trade because the win rate is currently 100%. I can’t seem to find any trading history to back up this claim so hopefully when the product is released a few days I get to see more information. The people behind the system are also telling us that a few of the big brokers have decided that is too powerful and have asked the download link to be removed from the Internet, it seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

Today I won’t be providing my final conclusion for the Fortune trader software because it hasn’t hit the market yet. That being said, some of the marketing tactics and claims by the developers are hard to believe and even harder to trust. Now is the time for you to leave your comments and observations about the system. Thank you for coming to binary today and I hope that my review opened your eyes to a different perspective in the binary options market. There is a lot of helpful information here on the site so please take a closer look at the systems being rated, my income reports and much more. Furthermore, you can always email me by clicking Ask John at the top of your page. I do my best to help every single one of my readers.

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