AutoSoftware Review: Monaco Treasure

Today I’m looking at a new auto trading system the claims to have changed the lives of 82 people just last week, Monaco Treasure. To be more specific, the developers of this trading system claim they’ve taken 82 strangers from rags to riches in just a week. Promises like these are constantly being made in the binary options market, but auto trading software developers never follow through.

There is no information provided on the location of the offices, nor the company that developed the product. For support, traders can email To see our full list of binary trading systems, please go here.

Monaco Treasure Review

The Monaco Treasure developers give us an unoriginal sales pitch. The sales page claims that the software is 100% risk free and that the proven success rate is so impressive that “super fast match algorithms guarantees profits of $20,000 per day.” This is an absolutely asinine promise. First of all, there is no trading system in binary options that is 100% risk-free. If you ever see the developer telling you that his system is 100% free, you need to turn the other way immediately. Anyone making promises of $20,000 per day guaranteed, is trying to deceive you and force you into a regretful decision.


If you scroll down to the next section of the Monaco Treasure sales page you will see that they promise that their cutting edge methods allow traders to beat the markets and consistently make at least $850 daily. They just told us $20,000 per day in the last section, so why are they contradicting themselves?

This is actually very common in the binary options market. Unscrupulous vendors with little to no trading knowledge will just throw out a whole bunch of numbers hoping that some of these numbers resonate with you. Some people will see $20,000 and think there’s no way this makes $20,000, so when they see $850 in the next paragraph they just might change their mind and sign up.

Key Facts

  • Uses Top Binary Trader’s Database
  • Artificial Intelligence Application
  • Impossible To Lose In The Long Run

None of these facts are proven, nor are they realistic in any trading market whatsoever.


It’s quite clear that the Monaco Treasure software is not a worthwhile trading system. Today I will be providing a two star review. I could easily make this a one star review, but it’s Monday morning and I’d like to start my week off on a more positive note. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend as well, and that you are ready for strong week of winning trades ahead.

If you ever need help trading binary options, or figuring out what type of trading system that you should use, feel free to send me an email at any time.

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