Classified Profits

Classified-ProfitsClassified profits is a new binary options robot. The people behind the product are telling traders that this is not a conspiracy. They say that their bot is your open sesame to making an extra $5000 a month, and that’s a fact.

Today I’ll be reviewing these aggressive claims and educating the binary today community about the software and what it has to offer, if anything.

Classified Profits Review

The classified profits website is quite impressive in design but flawed in execution. While the sales page does a great job at looking professional and trustworthy if you take a closer look you might be disappointed by what you see. The video on the front page says that it’s streaming and that 1629 viewers are currently watching. Upon further investigation I have found that this video is only been viewed 44 times. This type of deception is common in the binary options market and is often used by developers who have an inferior product. I’m not saying that is the case here but it certainly adds to my overall level of skepticism.

On the right-hand side of the page we see that the classified profits bot as a trade volume of over $300,000 that’s constantly growing and underneath that there is a profit section that shows over $13,000. Considering the video wasn’t truly streaming and they never had the 1600 viewers they claimed I now have trouble trusting these profit numbers. Below we can see handful of testimonials and more claims being made from the development team without any evidence. They say that there beta testers earned a minimum of $3000 in the first month of testing and $5000 in the second month.

I won’t be recommending the classified profits bot to any of the binary today readers. I feel like this system needs to prove itself in the market before I give it the benefit of the doubt. I have tried to reach out to the developers in an effort to see more evidence and proof of their results. I will be adding this to the review if it comes my way. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and questions below the article now. Thank you for visiting binary today and I hope that you pick up some big wins soon.

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