Method Review: The Duomo Initiative

The Duomo Initiative and is a new trading method by Nicholas Puri, the director and Co-Founder of PuriCassar AG. This trading course is built to allow traders to take advantage of the same tools and concepts that make for consistent profitable traders at PuriCassar AG.

Today we will be taking a close look at Nicholas Puri, his PuriCassar AG asset management company and this trading course that’s being promoted as “the most defnitive online course you will find out there.”

The Duomo Initiative Review

The sales page goes a long way to legitimizing the Duomo Initiative, or Method but there is still very little information about the trading course online. Despite having a video on YouTube with over 90,000 views, it’s very difficult to find any real testimonials from active clients. The product isn’t discussed informs and as far as we can see this is the first review being completed by a trading blog. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is bad but it does make it very difficult to provide a conclusion without some community feedback.


The Duomo Initiative comes with 15 hours of video lessons and live chart demonstrations. This is the main method of teaching traders the Duomo Method. There is ongoing support and interaction with the trading community, lifetime access and an e-learning platform that allows traders to learn at their own pace.

Nicholas Puri

Today is the first time I’ve come across Nicholas Puri. In doing a search on YouTube I found his video “The Truth About Binary Options.” In this video he is very negative in his opinions about the binary options market. He talks about how many of the companies are making promises that they can’t live up to and this is certainly true. However, he does also mention that he turned $10 into $8,000 in a single day. I find this extremely difficult to believe, and it kind of comes across as hypocritical considering the attacks he made on other binary options developers that do the same thing.

PuriCassar AG

The company behind the Duomo Initiative is PuriCassar AG. Much like Duomo, there seems to be a real lack of real user reviews. This domain for this company was purchased in 2012 and the website has been pretty much the exact same since that time. It’s not very clear how to become a client of this boutique asset management company or what that would even entail. The company is located in Zurich, Switzerland.


At this point, there is still a real shroud of mystery around Nicholas Puri and his Duomo Initiative Method. With the product going for a one-time payment of over $700, we are going to need some real community feedback before we are able to give a positive recommendation. From the outside, PuriCassar AG and the surrounding websites look legitimate but in the binary options market looks can often be quite deceiving. Hopefully this review Garner some attention and we can get more feedback about this course and the method that’s supposed to change our lives.

In the meantime, I recommend that you take a look at some of the best binary options software and signals services that are currently being rated highly by the Binary T oday community. Here you will find tools and strategies that can have you winning trades in under an hour. Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments with your feedback on this training course, or any other.

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