The 1 Percent Ticket Review

the-1-percent-ticketThe 1 Percent Ticket is a new binary options software promising to make traders $22,000 a day or more starting the first day. According to their website there are currently over 2000 people in line waiting to watch this video. Considering that this is an open website I’m not sure why they are saying this.

Today I will be reviewing this new software so that the binary trading public understand all the benefits and drawbacks.

The 1 Percent Ticket Review

The developers of the 1 percent ticket software congratulate us for finding their website and they refer to their product as elusive. Considering I was referred to this webpage by an affiliate marketer who blasts emails to thousands of people a day I would have to disagree with their sentiment about this being elusive. They tell us that we have a unique code that’s been activated and that in a few minutes we will be granted access to a one-of-a-kind financial automation system that regularly makes exponential profits. I’ve certainly heard this story in the past and never seems to work out the way that I like.

The producer of the 1 percent ticket goes by Jordan and he tells us that we’re part of a group of only 24 people that are going to get this opportunity. He tells us that will be able to join the richest 1% of people in the world. Now this I find very difficult to believe because I don’t even think the binary brokers have billions of dollars to pay out. According to their trading history chart traders to invest $1100 will make nearly $95,000 in return. For some reason traders who invest $2000 only receive $45,000 in return. The math here is quite strange and we see this all throughout the chart.

I’m skeptical and not sure if I’m ready to give a recommendation to the 1 percent ticket at this juncture. With these types of free systems that make extravagant promises I always find our best approach is to wait and see. If the binary options market is flooded with positive comments on all the blogs and forums then we will know that the system has chance. On the other side, if we hear nothing about this system at all then we’ll know it doesn’t work because the system that’s making people $20,000 a day isn’t something that people keep under wraps. Let me know what you think about the software or any other binary options system by leaving a comment below the article now. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you appreciate this review.

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