Binary Freedom Formula Review

binary-freedom-formulaBinary Freedom Formula is a new binary options software that’s being promoted as a set and forget system that can help traders make $1,300 per day. They believe that they have a tested formula that will consistently deliver results.

Today I’ll be letting you know if they can deliver on their promises by reviewing their credentials and anything else I find relevant along the way.

Binary Freedom Formula Review

Like the other so called free systems the Binary Freedom Formula tells us that we can put down our credit card because we won’t need it. This line always bothers me because it isn’t true. While they aren’t charging us for the system, we do still have to deposit money with a binary options brokerage so we will need our credit card. Then, they have a live trades in action section that looks to be generating a winning trade every second. To me this looks like a script of some sort that’s just going to generate unlimited trades until the end of time. There is no proof that this is live and considering I’ve been watching it for 5 minutes and there hasn’t been one loss, it seems highly suspicious. Also, we are not provided with the market prices so there’s no way that we can verify any of these trades.

The developers of the Binary Freedom Formula tell us that there are only limited spots and if we miss our chance we will have to buy our way in for $947. Under this there are a bunch of testimonials that look like text message conversations and facebook chats. One of them is from a man named Jim Ballard who’s making $1,247 per day only spending a couple of minutes. There’s no way for us to verify that these were actual customers or not and I certainly have my doubts.

Today I won’t be recommending the Binary Freedom Formula. There’s really nothing innovative on this web page that leads me to believe that this is a winner. The missing elements in these types of products are always similar. There is a lot of conversation about money and how much you can make but they are always missing the how. We never hear about any real strategy or trading methodology. It’s hard to sign up for a program when I don’t see ample information that leads me to believe the product is actually being delivered by traders, and not marketers. Let me know what you think by commenting at the bottom of the review now.

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