Binary Robo-X – Binary Robot X Review

Today I’m looking at an affiliate redirect webpage that promises access to a software that makes $2000 a day, Binary Robo-X. The developers of this website claim that the binary robot does “the hard work for you” and allows you to focus on other elements of your life, not just trading.

There is no information on who created the sales page, and the contact page is empty. There is no way to get in touch with the creators of the website for any help or assistance.

Binary Robo X Review

It’s quickly apparent to me that the Binary Robo-X sales page is just an affiliate redirect. What I mean by this is, someone created this website with the sole purpose of attracting traffic and then pushing all of that traffic through an affiliate link so that they will make a commission for a different product.

As soon as you click on the open account button when promise 2300 every single day, you are taken to a different product called BinBot Pro. This is a trading system that I have reviewed in the past, and is an automated binary options robot that I don’t recommend.

Binary Options Robots

Since there really isn’t much to review here, I will give you a breakdown of binary options robots and whether or not you should be using them in 2017. The short answer is no. These automated trading systems in the binary options market do not work well because they all have associations with specific binary options brokers that don’t want every single one of their clients to win all of their trades. There brokerage business would not be successful if this was the case.

So with that being said, systems like Binary Robot X, never actually have winning strategies that work in the short or long-term. The only way the binary options market could thrive is if it were picked up by an independent platform like MetaTrader 4, or NinjaTrader. If binary options found a way to utilize these platforms, then we would be able to have much more transparency with the software being developed and utilized by clients in the market.

Binary Robot Bans

As the binary options market continues to grow, programs like Binary Robo-X are getting banned by many countries. In turn, binary options is facing some many difficult decisions. Hopefully they find a way to utilize a new platform, but part of me feels like it’s never going to happen.

The way it’s going right now, the binary options market is destined to fail but I hold out hope because I find success in this market still.


Do not sign up with Binary Robo-X, or any Binary Robot for that matter. These systems have been proven time and time again to be unable to provide adequate trading results. I believe that the only way to trade binary options is with a binary options signal software. This way you have control over your trades, and you can utilize the Metatrader 4 trading platform to provide the trades, so you know that the strategies are legitimate.

Please let me know if you have anything you would like to add to this review, thank you for stopping by.

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