7 Day Profit Machine

7 day profit machine7 day profit machine is a free binary options trading software. At the top of the webpage there is a so-called qualification status the claims you have qualified. I believe they’ve put this on their website to make you feel special but considering everyone has qualified for the software, you are not special.

Today I will be providing review and letting you know why I feel you are special but I feel that this product is not.

7 Day Profit Machine Review

The 7 day profit machine estimates a very specific $34,491 in profit for the next 7 days. I’m sure if you come back in a week from now to this website that number will be the exact same. On the bottom of this webpage we see scrolling live results showing random people’s names and how much money they’ve made using this system today. I don’t believe that these numbers are real because I’m not sure how they would even be able to provide these numbers and because all the programs that have done this in the past were fake.

Like most of these websites the 7 day profit machine has a video on the front page that is supposed to make it seem like a worthwhile investment. The video starts with some cute brunette telling us how she’s going to be giving her kids great Christmas presents because of the money she’s made here. After a few more testimonials the developer of the software plays the same old game. He says he doesn’t know how you got on his webpage but you should thank your lucky stars that you. You got on the this webpage because whole bunch of online Internet marketers are pushing this on you, let’s be real.

There is no reason for me to recommend the 7 day profit machine. This is just like any other failed free binary options system before and it will be just like any other after it. If you have something you would like to add please cheer up my mood. I’ve been doing very well lately in binary options using the systems recommended by the readers here at binary today. Take a look around this website and find out how you can truly be successful in this marketplace.

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